Tips to Speed up an Android Smartphone


Android is a really impressive operating system. A majority of the smartphones today are on Android. The OS is really user-friendly and gives you a tone of features and settings to get the most of your hardware. But over a period of time Android slows down and gives you a hard time. There are many reasons which can cause the slowdown. This article would help you to revive your Android running smartphone with ease and can be performed by anyone. So read the article very carefully and act accordingly. 


Some important tips to speed up your Android Smartphone

  1. Update your Android OS to the latest version available. If you get an upgrade via OTA just go for it. Never ignore an update from the manufacturer. 
  2. Regularly check for updates which brings security patches and hotfixes for your smartphone. 
  3. Update all your apps to the latest version from the app developers.
  4. Never sideload APK files from malicious or not recognised websites. They might make your phone vulnerable to virus or even hacks. 
  5. Uninstall apps which are not in use. Never keep apps which you don’t use on a daily basis.
  6. Keep your home screen uncluttered. Remove widgets and use a simple and sober wallpaper.
  7. If your phone has an AMOLED display set an HD pure black wallpaper to save battery. 
  8. Use a light weighted launcher. Recommended one is Nova Launcher
  9. Clean your downloads folder every week to remove junk files. 
  10. Erase your cache to speed up the load time of apps on the phone.
  11. Use a cloud storage to sync photos and videos from your phone. Keep your gallery free from heavy tones of photos and videos. 
  12. Recharge your battery at right intervals. Charge when below 20 and charge only up to 80 per cent to maintain the balanced health of your battery.
  13. Never try to run games or apps which are not meant for your smartphone. If a game or app freezes or closes itself when launched, just remove them.
  14. If you feel your phone is getting heated up all the time. Just switch it off for 10 mins and then restart.
  15. Switch on your data only and when needed.
  16. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if not in use.
  17. Use the Doze feature on your phone to disconnect from the internet when in idle or standby mode.
  18. Disable Transition effects. Go to phone settings, heads towards about phone and click on build number four times to enable the Developers mode. Inside Developers mode scroll down to find the head “Drawings”. Select Animation off or set it to the scale.5x for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.
  19. Don’t multitask if you have an old phone with an old operating system version.
  20. Uninstall app which drains a lot of battery. Check the battery section to know which apps take what amount of battery.

Hope you like the article. If you want to add any tips please do comment with the tip below. Also, share the article with your friends and family.

Tips to Speed up an Android Smartphone
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Tips to Speed up an Android Smartphone
Amazing tips to speed up your Android Smartphone
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