How to Speed Up your Windows PC

Windows PC over a period of time becomes slow and takes hell lot of time to execute even a small program or an app. This could be because of numerous factors. In this post, we shall share a few tips that could save you a lot of your precious time. All the tips included are very easy and does not need you to be an expert in Windows operating system. So please read the post completely and act accordingly.

However, please note

  1. These tips should be carried out carefully.
  2. While performing this on a laptop PC make sure you are fully charged or plugged in.
  3. Some tips may need you to be connected to the internet.

Tip No. 1 Use Genuine Copy Windows Operating System

Windows 10 Update

You should always use a genuine copy of the Windows operating system. Pirated or non-licensed operating systems are not updated to the latest hotfixes and security patches. This will make your PC vulnerable to malware and viruses. So use a genuine copy of the OS and keep it on Auto Update or manually update the OS regularly.

Tip 2. Uninstall Unused Applications or Softwares

Windows Programs and Features

It a golden rule here. The things you do not use get rid of them. Programs not being used ultimately use up a lot of space on your hard disk. Simple hit the control panel heads towards programs and features. The apps that you use daily can be left else should be uninstalled immediately.

Tip 3. Install & Update Antivirus

You should always install and update your Antivirus. Paid or free version, it’s totally up to you. Free versions have limits when compared to a paid version. We recommend you Avast Antivirus | Bit DefenderMalware Bytes. For a casual user, the free version is just OK.

Tip 4. Clear Browser Cache 

ADW Cleaner Interface

Additionally, we recommend you to have ADW Cleaner which mainly works in accordance with your installed browser. This cleaner scans your browser for adware, PUP’s and deletes them. It cleans the leftover traces, OS configurations and system modifications caused by malware.

Tip 5. Disable Start-up apps

Disable Startup App

When a lot of apps tend to startup with the OS the system might take some to boot up completely. These apps get permission to load during startup and put a lot of strain on your system resources. Hence disabling these apps can help you to boost the bootup time. To disable these apps heads towards the start menu, then click settings, then apps and scroll down to find Startup menu. On the right-hand side disable all the apps you think aren’t necessary during system boot. We recommend you not to disable any cloud service and the antivirus app.

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Tip 6. Defragmentation


Defragmentation is of uttermost importance if you are running a traditional hard disk. These hard disks over a period of time become so fragmented that the entire resources are eaten up while accessing files on these. Defragmenting shall make the files easily accessible and shall not strain your system. Defragmentation can be done natively in Windows 10 by going to any disk of your choice (C Drive is the most fragmented)->Properties->Tools->Optimize & Defragment Drive. The native windows app is good but we recommend you to use Defraggler for best results. 

Tip 7. Disable Background Apps

Disable Backgrounds App in Windows 10

Apps running in the background also tend to utilize a lot of system resources and slow down the PC in real time. By just disabling some or all the apps shall work in your favour and would speed up the computer. We personally keep all the background apps disabled as most of them shown by default are of no use to us. To access the settings, go to Windows logo->Settings->Privacy and scroll down to find Background Apps in App permissions. On the right-hand side choose the apps you want to disable or simply uncheck the option that says “Let apps run in the background”.

Tip 8. Disable Personalize Feature 

disable-transparency-effects-windows-10 (1)
Disable Transparency Effects in Windows 10

We admit that Windows 10 personalize effects are the best and that really makes Windows 10 look beautiful. But these effects do utilize a lot of resources and slow down the PC. But disabling these features can easily save system resources and make the PC run a bit faster. Go to Windows home and right click to choose to personalize. Go to Colors and uncheck the option “Automatically pick an accent colour from my background”.

disable-transparency-effects-windows-10 (1)
Disable Transparency Effects in Windows 10

Scroll down a bit and disable Transparency effects as well. Also uncheck accent colours from the start, taskbar, action centre, and title bars. 

Tip 9. Run Disk Cleanup

Windows 10 Disk Clean Up

Disk cleanup utility is an amazing feature that helps to clear out the cache, temporary internet files, recycle bin, temporary files, thumbnail cache etc. While doing this you will be prompted with the disk space that can be saved after cleaning all those junk that is lying around in your system files. Please do not check or uncheck options that you aren’t sure of. 

Tip 10. Reset Your Windows PC

Windows 10 Recovery

Finally, you can reset your Windows 10 PC to revert to factory settings. For this go to Settings->Update and Security->Recovery. On the right-hand side click on Reset this PC. Resetting will allow you to either keep your files and folder or to remove them completely to have a clean install of Windows 10. Please do backup your files and folder before performing a reset just to be on a safer side. 

Hope you like the above article. Please do try yourself and do let us know your views through comments below.

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