How to Remove Background from Images For Free


If you have always wanted to remove the background from your images but did not know how to operate Photoshop, then stay calm and read the post till the end. No, you don’t have to install any software or app neither you have to go through nay hideous editing sessions. 

We present to you a free online web tool ( that will remove the background from your images within a click. Just upload the photo you like and hit upload. You are all set and done. Images uploaded are securely processed. They will not be shared with third parties. Data is deleted within an hour.

Remove Background from Images 


Step 1. Click on this URL and click on “Select a photo”.

Step 2. Once uploaded and processed (takes less than 10 seconds) you will be prompted with an image having no background.

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Final output on

Step 3. Now you can either delete the photo from their servers or can download for personal use.


We do like the editing process and its blazing fast but it tends to make things a bit untidy when the uploaded photo is of a group of people. You cannot even remove people from the group who may have photobombed. Also, the editing feels a bit unprofessional in this instance. check the below photo.

background removed from a group photo

As you can see precision is not followed. People outside the group cannot be edited manually. Corners and ends seem clumsy and unprofessionally done. By the end of the day, it’s a free tool and does the work pretty accurately.

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Aside from the image file, requires no further input: No selecting pixels, no marking persons, nothing which is great. Students can make a most out of it for school and college projects.

Hope, you like the idea. Do share the same with your friends and family.

How to Erase Background from Images Without Photoshop
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How to Erase Background from Images Without Photoshop
Easily remove the background from your images without photoshop for free.
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