Simplest Way to Make a Bootable USB Drive

Bootable USB drive for installing a Windows setup isn’t a tedious job these days. Anyone with a pen drive or a flash drive along with a genuine copy of Windows or Ubuntu (Free) setup can do it. Gone are the days when we used a traditional DVD ROM to perform these actions on our PC.

Nowadays thumb drives/pen drives/USB drives or flash drives can be loaded with the setup files and can be used on any number of PCs for that matter. In this article, we shall let you know the simplest way in order to make a Windows or Ubuntu bootable USB drive.

Disclaimer – This post is just for informational purpose and we would not be held responsible for any mishaps that take place.

We shall be showing Ubuntu setup for this post but the steps remain the same even if you use Windows installation files.

USB drive should be backed up. This method shall completely format the USB drive.

Makes sure the drive letters and not them down before going through this process. 

What all do you need

  1. Genuine Copy of Windows setup (ISO or DVD) or Ubuntu setup (ISO or DVD). (Never use a pirated copy)
  2. Download RUFUS.
  3. USB drive of 4GB capacity or higher. The recommended minimum is 8GB.
  4. Windows 7 or higher PC.
  5. Download and install .Net Framework 2.0
  6. Laptop or desktop PC should be on charging mode. Battery mode is not recommended.
  7. Patience and a cup of coffee. (Optional)

Make Windows Bootable USB drive using RUFUS.

  1. Download and run the executable file. Installation is not required.
simplest way to make a windows bootable windows usb drive
Rufus Interface

2) The Device is to be selected as the Pen Drive, USB Drive or Flash Drive. Make sure to check with the Drive name before selecting the device.

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3) Boot Selection – Select the ISO image of the windows or ubuntu installation setup. Setup on the DVD can also be selected into the same field.

4) Partition Scheme – Select MBR if not selected by default.

5) Target system – As per your system configuration. If not sure leave it as BIOS or UEFI.

6) Format Options – Volume label can be any desired name you like for the USB drive.

7) File system – to be selected as FAT32 (Default).

8) Cluster size – Shall be automatically assigned. Do not alter that.

9) Finally hit Start. It will take some time and shall present you with a bootable Windows or Ubuntu USB drive.

Hope the above method was very easy for you to understand. If you face any issues please feel free to comment below and we shall get back at the earliest possible.

Also please share the same with your friends and family as well.

Simplest Way to Make a Bootable USB Drive
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Simplest Way to Make a Bootable USB Drive
In this article, we shall let you know the simplest way in order to make a Windows or Ubuntu bootable USB drive.
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