How to Play You Tube Videos in Background on Android


Youtube is the most downloaded and viewed application on Android worldwide. We are sure you do agree with us, it also serves us with the latest and coolest collection of videos which technically are endless. It is estimated that every minute almost 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube; almost 5 billion videos are watched every single day. We also know that mobile users are also increasing day by day, every single second a new phone is manufactured and sold simultaneously.

Still, YouTube application, particularly on android, lacks a feature that lets you play those videos in the background. Once you play a video and press the home button the video playbacks also pauses. Lock your screen and video pauses again. To keep the video playing you ought to have the app running and be active during you consume media from the app.

But we have with us a small hack that will change everything and will let you listen to your favourite tracks in the background very easily.

Please Note: You Don’t have to be rooted.

Things you will need

  • Active internet connection
  • Any web browser like Chrome or Firefox

Step 1. Open Chrome browser and go to

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Step 2. Search and play anything you like.

Step 3. Go to Chrome settings by pressing the three dots on the top right side.

Step 4. And select or check the option “Request Desktop Site”.

Step 5. Once you enter the desktop site which is basically the desktop version of the website on your phone.

Step 6. Hit the home button. The video playback will stop. But don’t worry, just pull the notification panel down and hit the play button.

Press the home button again and you can now listen to music being played on youtube. You can even lock your phone but the music will still be playing in the background without any issues.

Once the video is over and autoplay isn’t enabled the playback will be paused again. To listen to the music again just press on the video player and select “Loop” which will keep the video on repeat mode. If you wish to listen to different tracks one by one make sure you select a playlist with all your favourite tracks. The playlist will work until and unless you stop it or once the playlist is over.

If you get a call or data connection stops, the video will pause or might end itself.

How to Play You Tube Videos in Background on Android
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How to Play You Tube Videos in Background on Android
Play YouTube Videos in the background on your Android Device.
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