How to Enable Hibernation in Windows 10


After Reading this post you can easily enable Hibernation Mode on your Windows 10 PC if it’s not enabled by default.

Enabling hibernation on your Windows 10 computer comes with a lot of advantages. The primary advantage is that the PC boots up in no time and you can resume work immediately. Hibernation combines shutdown and sleep state together. All the ongoing work is saved in the memory to the hard drive and then the computer is shut down. Sleep stage needs the system to have the power to keep the computer running in sleep mode. On the other hand, hibernation doesn’t require any form of power and the system can be put on hibernation without a constant power source.

During hibernation, hiberfil.sys file is the created in system drive. All the memory data is written into this file while hibernating. The size of hiberfil.sys is almost equal to the RAM installed in the system. The system doesn’t consume a lot of energy and there are very low chances of data loss.

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Steps to Enable Hibernation on Windows 10

So let us see how can you enabling hibernation on your system if it’s not enabled by default. If it’s enabled by default which in most of the cases is not you will see the hibernation option in the Windows start menu.

Windows 10 Hibernation Menu

If it’s not there for you, just follow the step below.

On the Windows 10 search bar, search for Control and click on it from the search results.

Control Panel

Inside the control panel, search and click on “Power Options”.

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Power Options

Once you enter the power options, click on “Choose what the power button does”.

enable-hibernation-windows-10 (2)
Power Button Options

Now the shutdown settings are disabled for you to check or uncheck any option. To enable this just go to the top and select ” Change settings that are currently unavailable”. Once you do that again scroll down and check Hibernation from the menu.

enable-hibernation-windows-10 (3)
Enable Hibernation

Post all the above steps your computer will not be able hibernate from the start menu.

Hope you are clear about the steps mentioned above. If you have any doubts or you face any issues please comment below.

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Hibernation Mode on your Windows 10 PC
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Hibernation Mode on your Windows 10 PC
After Reading this post you can easily enable Hibernation Mode on your Windows 10 PC if it's not enabled by default. 
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