How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10


Windows 10 users can now easily switch to dark mode. This mode enables dark background throughout except on a few places. This mode is by default available to users on the anniversary update of Windows 10. The file explorer would have the same old white color and would not change to dark while using this mode. The dark mode would complement a PC with AMOLED display and would help save a lot of battery. Applications being used would have their default color scheme in the dark mode. If you do not have the anniversary update, we recommend you to get it for free. The update shall also input additional features to your operating system including security patches.

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Pro’s of Dark Mode

  1. Dark mode enables you to work during night hours.
  2. Doesn’t strain your eyes.
  3. Saves battery on a laptop PC.

Con’s of Dark Mode

  1. Doesn’t appear throughout the OS.
  2. It’s very dark hence might take away the visual appeal.

Step’s to Enable Dark App Mode

Step 1. On the desktop, right-click and heads towards “Personalize”.


Step 2. Choose Colors and scroll down to find “Choose your default app mode” section.

Additional Step: You may also choose a color of your choice to compliment the dark mode. We recommend you to choose colors like dark green and dark grey.

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Personalize in Windows 10

Step 3. Click on Dark Mode.

Please Note: You can revert to the light mode using the same steps as shown above. Just choose “Light” in Colors instead of “Dark”. Additionally, you can choose a dark theme from the Windows app store which would have a complete dark effect on every element of Windows 10.

Hope we could help you enable the dark mode on your Windows 10 PC. Please do comment in case you have any issues.

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