How to Stop Auto Play Videos on Facebook App

Facebook’s autoplay feature on the mobile app is quite annoying isn’t it. We don’t like it and assume neither do you. So just follow the steps below and get rid of that auto play function completely. This tutorial is based on an Android device and may be similar for iOS as well. Disabling this feature will help you to save data if you are on a limited plan. Also shall help in faster scrolling on the low-end phones.

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Step 1. Log into your FB account if not already and head towards the settings panel as shown in the picture.

Facebook App Settings

Step 2.Scroll down to the bottom and click on ” Settings and Privacy”.

Facebook Settings & Privacy

Step 3. Now tap on “Settings”.

Facebook App Settings

Step 4. Scroll down to “Media and Contacts”.

Facebook Media & Contacts Settings

Step 5. Tap on “AutoPlay”.

Facebook App AutoPlay Settings

Step 6. Select “Never Auto-Play Videos”.

Facebook App Never Play Videos

This is all. Now you will not have the videos running automatically on your news feed. We are sure the settings would be the same on an iOS device.

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Hope you were able to disable the feature on your Android smartphone. If you wish to enable it again, just follow the steps back.

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