How to Disable Auto Download of Images and Videos on Whatsapp


We all have a lot of data to spare these days, thanks to the mobile operators in India. But it also becomes a big nuisance when certain apps auto download images, video and documents on your phone. Whatsapp is one of the apps which by default backs up all the images and videos right on the local storage. As soon as you open an unread message every image and video attachment automatically loads. When you open your gallery you can see all the images and videos cluttered lying there.

So in this post, we shall let you know how to disable this auto download feature and save a lot of your local storage. Please note we are writing this post in accordance with the Android smartphone

First Open Whatsapp and heads towards the three vertical pointers on the top right corner and click to select “Settings“.

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Disable Whatsapp Auto Download Images & Videos

On the settings page go to “Data and Storage Usage“. 

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Stop Auto Media Save on Whatsapp

Now under “Media auto-download” section select the option desired and set your preference as and when using mobile data, on Wi-Fi and while roaming.

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Stop Media Auto Save on Whatsapp

That’s it. Now until and unless you don’t hit the download button no images or videos shall download and get saved.

If you still want to have the feature set default, you can try this trick to hide those images and videos from the gallery. install and open any file manager and head towards the Whatsapp folder. inside the Whatsapp, folder go to the media folder. Now choose the folder “WhatsApp Images”, Inside the folder create a new file and name it as .nomedia

Now go to your gallery and you won’t see any of the WhatsApp images in there. You can do the same with the WhatsApp video folder if required.

Also, you can download the images and videos from a particular chat and can directly delete it from that chat after clicking delete data. This was no media shall get stored on your phone. 

We hope this sorts your problem and saved a lot of your time. If you have any doubts please feel free to comment below.

How to Disable Auto Download of Images and Videos on Whatsapp
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How to Disable Auto Download of Images and Videos on Whatsapp
Disable Auto Save Media on WhatsApp for Android
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