Best Microsoft Apps for your Android Smartphone

For your Android Smartphone, we are keen to introduce some of the best apps from Microsoft freely available in the play store. They are not only interesting but also boost your productivity altogether.

SMS Organizer

Recently we came across this messaging app from Microsoft. SMS Organizer automatically organizes your SMS inbox into a Personal, Transactional and Promotional category to help you declutter your SMS Inbox so that you never miss an important message.

It also lets you read unread messages without even scrolling through the read messages. It also provides smart reminders for due bills of any nature and also assists you with PNR status, Flight status, Check-in directly through the SMS reminders itself. Provides smart backup also in case you lose or get a new phone. For better sunlight readability it also gives you a dark mode for easy access along with the offline availability of messages across multiple devices.

Microsoft Launcher

Another incredible piece of software is a launcher which gets you a majority of the paid features for free available on other launchers like Nova Launcher etc. You will be able to customize the launcher as per your needs with wallpapers and different themes colors and icon packs.

With a Microsoft account, you can access your calendar, documents, and recent activities in your personalized feed. You can even open photos, docs and web pages on your Windows PC to be productive across all your devices. The launcher also lets you access the system with varieties of gesture inputs which can customize as per your needs in the control panel of the launcher.

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Microsoft Outlook (Email)

As per our usage, we feel the outlook app for Android is the best email app available for your smartphone. The app provides you with seamless inbox management with a focused inbox that displays your most important messages first, swipe gestures and smart filters. It also lets you easily access calendar and files right from your inbox. Along with features to work on the go, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint integrations.

Microsoft Word Processing Tools

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint – As you are constantly using these features on the PC, the same experience can also be shared on your Android smartphone.

Apart from viewing words documents, excel documents and PowerPoint files on the go you can also edit the files on your smartphone. Not only this, with a Microsoft account you can also view and edit documents stored on the cloud like the Microsoft One Drive. These apps also let you share these files online and allow invited people to view, edit or leave comments directly in your workbooks.

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Microsoft Edge Browser

Chrome browser is our favorite app of all times across various devices but you can also give the new Edge browser a try. Though it does not even come close to the Chrome browser but provides resuming capabilities across devices, seamlessly lets you move content from the PC and phone.

Access favorite websites and reading lists on various devices get tops news from your favorite websites instantly without the hassle of logging on, private mode, and voice search enabled using Microsoft Bing. It’s all new browser introduced but still, the company needs to make some necessary changes and tweaks in order to compete amongst the most used and downloaded apps like the Google Chrome browser and the Firefox browser.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do app is another great to do app that lets you be productive on the go. With intelligent technology and beautiful design, you can prepare a daily workflow. It also ensures you complete tasks and provides smart suggestions for the day to day routine activities. Availability across multiple devices any time anywhere lets you plan things easily even when on the go.

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It also features adding reminders and due dates to your most important task and achieves them accordingly. It also serves as a note-taking app, adding detailed notes to every to-do—from addresses to details about that book you want to read, to the website for your favorite café. You can collect all your tasks and notes in one place to help you achieve more.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Apps provides all of Microsoft’s Android offerings across categories like Productivity, Education, Entertainment, Communication, and News. You can also discover apps that you never knew existed, as well as brand new additions to the Microsoft family.

Best Microsoft Apps for your Android Smartphone
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Best Microsoft Apps for your Android Smartphone
For your Android Smartphone, we are keen to introduce some of the best apps from Microsoft freely available in the play store.
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