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You can contact us using the form provided below or drop us an email at 

We are also inviting articles for our blog. Scroll down to read about the basic guidelines. 

Articles should be emailed to 

What are we basically looking for?

We are looking for talent who can express themselves very effectively and make a mark among blog visitors. For the same, you don't have to be a topper from your academic background or a hardcore geek. If you can write, observe surroundings and can express the same by writing an article. You have come to the right place. 

Guidelines for Guest Posting

1) Submit 100% unique articles written by you. The content or any of its parts should not be published anywhere before.

2) We prefer contents related to How to Guides, Latest tech trends and current happenings, social media, gadget, and software review etc.

2) Do not copy articles from other blogs as we won't even entertain you for that.

3) Make sure your article headline or the post title is short and concise as it will help to attract the search engine bots.

4) We accept article having a minimum of 700 words excluding author bio. An article based on "How to Guides" can have a minimum of 500 words.

5) Before accepting articles from you, we need a short bio of your's including links to some of your work done earlier or links to the article you guest blog on other blogs.

6) We do not promote affiliate links, so please do not include such into your articles. In case such articles get approved we will remove such links without prior notice.

7) After submitting the article to kindly allow 2 to 3 three days for approval and upon successful approval we will publish your content asap.

8) We will not allow any "Do Follow".

9) Your article may get rejected for the following :

The content is not relevant to our blog niche.

We need you to write the article in simple English but if we found some errors that can be rectified on our level, we will do it and inform you about the same. Major errors will result in a direct rejection.

Make sure the content you are submitting is not copyrighted.

Kindly study and do a bit of research about the thing you are writing on. Lack of such will lead to rejection.

Articles having more than 3 backlinks.

10) You will get all due respect for whatever you write for us. Below each article we will include an Author's bio that will carry his/her info including social networking links.

We will update you with this area frequently but still in case you have doubts, please use the form below and get in touch. We will revert back ASAP.

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