How To Share Pictures On Whats App Without Losing Quality

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Hello friends, hope you are fine and doing well. In this particular post will be sharing with you an awesome trick that will let you share unlimited pictures on Whats App without losing a bit on the quality. If you like the post and think that this would help others, please do share the same and do let us know if you get into any issues in doing so.


Earlier Whats App use to reduce the quality of the pictures being shared and you would lose some clarity and quality on them. This was done on the Whats App network and we couldn't do a bit about the same.

To begin with, make sure you have the latest version of Whats App installed on your smartphone and to be on the safer side get enrolled to the Beta Sign up available within Google Play Store. 

After you get the latest version of Whats App you need not share pictures as you were doing earlier. Rather just hit the button that lets you share documents and search for the picture you would like to share. 


Using this method you can trick Whats App to assume the content being shared is a document & not a picture hence the quality, in this case, will not be deteriorated at all.

For example, if earlier a 1 MB picture shared was reduced to size 604 KB, using the above method would not change anything and you will get the exact size as its meant to be.

This is because the new update lets you share any file whether it's an APK, PDF, DOC, XLS, MP3, MP4, AVI through the documents sharing attachment option available on the side of the message bar on Whats App.

Do try the same and let us know your feedback on the same.


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