How to Enable OnePlus 5 Reading Mode on any Android Device

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With the Introduction and launch of OnePlus 5, oxygen OS has been tweaked which does give a lot of customization options including the reading mode as seen on the Amazon Kindle. This reading mode eases out of your eyes which eventually goes monochrome making the entire screen black and white. Monochromacy on such devices will not stress you eyes especially while glancing through the phone during night times.

With this small trick, you can enable and disable this feature when and where required. Trust me we have been using this lately and have found it to be very relaxing while reading on our smartphone.

Step 1. Enable Developer's Option by going to settings and hitting build number 7 times. Once done you will see the Developer's option enabled on the settings page of your phone.

Step 2. Go inside Developer's option and scroll down to find "Simulate Color Space".

Step 3. Click on the same and check "Monochromacy".

Once done with all the above steps you will get the black & white reading mode on your Android smartphone.

Please note that this mode will not show up on the screenshots taken while this mode is enabled. 


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