Use Whats App as a Personal Bookmarking & Note Taking App for free

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Whats these days have become an app without which communication seems pretty difficult. The introduction of whats app have opened a lot of possibilities and as the app is being updated the area for improved functionality and features have grown vastly. Today you even got a standalone computer application which literally makes us do a lot more than what it is actually capable of. Here we will learn how to make whats app to save your notes, pictures, data and everything else which whats app can possibly consume. This trick basically makes whats app a note taking application for free. 

*What are the benefits?

1) Whats App data can be synced with Google Drive hence loss of data is no more of a concern.

2) It's basically free hence you do not have to buy anything in order to extend its capabilities or features. 

3) You do not have to maintain a separate or a dedicated note taking applications.

4) You can easily transfer data from computer to phone or vice versa very easily. 

5) Build in search facility can easily find your concerned message or anything else by just inputting the keyword.

Make Sure your Whats App is updated to the new version.

*The Actual Trick

Since you cannot send yourself messages on whats app, we need to play around with the app to make things happen.

Step 1. Open Whats App and create a group

Step 2. Add anyone from the contact list, name the group and just save it.

Step 3. Now go to the group and tap on the group name to see the list of participants. 

Step 4. Remove the friend you added to the group. 

Congrats you have just made yourself a digital data storing wallet for booking your important data. 

if you face any issues in making one, please feel free to comment below. we will get back asap.


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