How To Share Files & Folders with Non Dropbox User's

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If you ask us, Dropbox has become a widely used application on almost all the gadgets that we use personally. Whether it's our mobile, desktop PC, Laptop or tablet it's everywhere and among the very first application to be installed.


Dropbox really does its job fantastically and allows me to access it anywhere on the go. The main reason can be the simplified user interface along with various advantages that are self-explanatory and even a non-geek can sync and store data. With Dropbox, I can save all my pictures, files, and other kinds of stuff securely without having a fear of losing them.

You can also edit any synced file very easily, that will be immediately updated on all the devices used by you.

Dropbox also allows us to share the same with friends and family. You can upload anything on it and can share the same using a link.

All you have to do is access Dropbox either via browser or via Dropbox folder installed on your PC. In this tutorial, we will show you how to share files from both the options available. 

First of all download and install the Dropbox application onto your PC.

Sharing Using the Windows Application

In your documents folder, you will have the default Dropbox folder where all you have to do is to copy and paste the files and folders you like to be synced to Dropbox.

Right-click any one of those and go to Dropbox option and select share link. 

This will take you to another browser tab where all you have to do is copy the web address that will act as the link and you can share the same with friends and family who will gain access to the particular file or folder once they execute the link using any browser.

sync and share files on dropbox with non dropbox users

Once you share those links, they will appear on the active links page of your Dropbox profile. If you are done sharing the same, to remove the link all you have to do is to either access the active links page and remove the link or simply rename the file in the default Dropbox folder.

Renaming the file or folder is the best option to completely remove it from sharing.

Sharing Files Via Browser

Log on to your Dropbox Account. Right click on any file or folder you like to share and select share file. Another tab or windows will open, copy the link and share it with friends.

For removing shared link either rename the file or remove the shared file or folder from the active links page.

share files and folder using internet browser

Hope you are done sharing some files until now. You can share almost everything that can be uploaded to the Dropbox servers. The time may vary according to the file size being uploaded. Stay Calm and grab a cup of coffee if the file is bigger in size.

Keep reading The Geek Solutions. Have a nice day ahead. 


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