How To Root Any Android With a Single Click | Easiest Way

Rooting is always considered to be risky, tough and complex, at least this is what i have heard. But not any more. In this easy tutorial we will show you the most easiest way to get root access on any android smartphone having android 4.3 or higher.


So for starters i would like to mention that we won’t be held responsible by any means if this somehow goes wrong with your phone.

Watch VIDEO tutorial of this process. Click HERE.

Before proceeding please make sure about the following

1) The device being rooted should have at least 50 percent of battery.

2) Backup you entire rom or at least backup all the data which is important.

3) Download the kingroot APK file which will be used to root your device.

4) Unlocked Boot Loader (Optional)

Install the King Root APK which you downloaded earlier. If you get an error saying install blocked, just go to the settings and check unknown services and continue with installation.

The rooting process may take a little time which totally depends upon the choice of smartphone selected. If you get an error don’t panic, close the app, restart your device and run king root app again.

Once done you will get 100 percent success notification and you will also get the king root’s official purify app installed as well.

Now install and run root checker app and confirm rooting as done. This is it. Hope the tutorial is pretty clear, in case of doubts please feel free to ask queries via comments below. Moreover please have a look at the video for the entire process being explained there as a video tutorial.