Which Mobile Operating System Can Help You Live a Better Life?

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Technology is everywhere around us. We carry it with us all the time in shape of a smartphone. Some people have ample knowledge about the smartphone they are using, while others simply buy them by looking at their smooth and uniquely designed touch screen. Therefore, when buying a new smartphone, it is important that you know what you are actually buying and are you receiving a good value for your money or not. To help you in making a better choice, we have compared different mobile operating systems. 


User Interface Mobile Phones

Android phones have their own user interface due to which their mileage can vary. The basic structure of these phones is standard but there are more variations than other operating systems. Subtle refinements also brought into the Android systems, especially in the Nexus.


Apple’s iOS contains slick animations and the system is easy to understand. Further refinements made on each update of iOS systems. However, Apple has not changed much aesthetically.

Windows mobile is based on ‘Live Tiles’ which can be customized by its owner. The style and designing of these phones is sometimes sluggish as compared to Android and iOS. 

Apps and Alternative App Stores

Since the market share for Android phones have continued to grow, the iOS developers’ tendency to create more apps is changing, as they are now targeting Android more. Though the quality and variety of Apps are better for iOS, Android Play Store has a greater percentage of free apps than Apple’s App Store.  

Android has the benefit of latest Google Apps, which are missed by the Windows phone. Microsoft has launched ‘Universal Apps’ to run over Android and iOS but we still need to wait for the developers’ response on this. 

Android phones allow side loading of apps and alternative app stores also available apart from Play Store. Apple and Microsoft both oppose this feature and expect the users to use only their respected app stores. Therefore Android is more open to this feature than its competitors. 

OS Updates

All phones update at regular intervals. Since both Apple and Microsoft control the software, they frequently allow updates and upgrade the latest versions in a timely fashion. Each year when a new Apple software update comes out, older ones left behind. In this case, it is doing slightly better than a Windows phone.


Apart from occasional redesigning, Android phones do not feature much software updates. A very low percentage of Android devices run Android software's which delays the updates. 


This is one of the major strengths of an Android phone. It enables you to launch your own user Interface and reset multiple home screens with shortcuts and re-sizable widgets. Google allows you to select a default keyboard in Android. 


Windows phone can be re sized by ‘Live Tiles’ and has improved keyboard, but its default option is locked down.  Similar is the case in iOS phones as third party apps are locked in them.

Speaking of App Stores, customization, specifications etc. if we say that the local online and offline markets have up the game to provide the best models will not be wrong at all. Given internet penetration and growing development in E commerce sector, has attracted many major online markets to facilitate the never-ending demand of smartphones in the country. In fact people has start relying to check and buy their favorite models online as it is fast, convenient and safe at the same time. From a personal experience of shopping, I would say few of the best online places to shop safely in Bangladesh are Ajkerdeal, Kaymu and Priyoshop. Most of the sites and other shops online come up with amazing discounts and observe which smartphone’s market demand is more in order to cater as much people as possible.

Practically speaking, different phones have different features that cater a particular audience. You cannot base your decision on a single comparison; instead focus on the purpose for which you want to buy a smartphone. Like what specifications and look of the smartphone would best suit you by keeping in mind the price budget. 


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