How To Fetch APK Files From Google Play Store ?


A simple trick that lets you download APK files of your favourite Android Apps from the Google Play Store is here and yes it works flawlessly. Most of the time we do it from the device itself by accessing the play store app that comes pre installed. 

Why Do I Need To Download The APK Files ?

There can be various issues that get resolved using this trick. Some of those issues are as follows 

1) Your device isn't compatible with the app. Google play stores at times do not let you install certain apps due to device incompatibility. But you are pretty sure that the app may run. You can download the APK instantly to your computer, copy and move it to your Android device and install.

2) Certain apps have got geographical boundations. A few region or country are often kept deprived of downloading the app directly from the Play Store initially. Here this trick comes handy.

3) You do not have a proper Wi-Fi setup. Apps get downloaded with faster internet speed on the device and what can be more fast than a broadband connection accessed through Wi-Fi.

4) To Save Cellular Data charges. Downloading apps using cellular data may cost a fortune for a few.

5) To save time and battery backup. While you initiate downloading a huge game or app on your device, this may take time and would consume a lot of battery.

6) You are a frequently smartphone shuffler and love to have the same games on every device you get your hands on.

7) Would like to share the same with friends and family, hence APK files saved on the device can be send to another device using blue tooth immediately.

Reasons differ person to person and may be more in numbers, but these are the few i think people may encounter.

What's The Catch ?

Its really Simple to get things moving. All you need to do is log on to

Paste the url of a particular app and click on "Generate Download Link" wait for a few seconds or minutes (depends on file size).

Once the link is generated just hit the button which says "Click here to download". Downloading will start and once its done you get the particular APK file requested for.

Now for security and piracy reasons the downloader lets you download free apps only, APK's for the paid apps cannot be downloaded using this trick.

The APK downloaded are free from malwares and are not infected, so installing the same should not be a reason to worry.

Hope you like the what we explained above. Share the same and let others know how you get those free awesome apps and games on your android device.


  1. hello, i have followed the instruction above until step 5.. im in step 6 right now, and after sign in with my blackberry id, the application keep showing "setting up BBM" for a long time.
    my blackberry id is assigned with my old id and im migrating over android. is it normal to wait this long (about half an hour) to migrate ?

  2. no it usually do not take that long, mine took just a few seconds. uninstall the app and reboot device. Install the app and try the setup again.

  3. Hello,i downloaded the APK,but i couldn't install it,kept saying error in parsing package. I use galaxy tab 7.0 plus,GT-P6200.

  4. Dear Anita, Uninstall the BBM app, Download the APK again. Clear RAM, Cache and other using Clean Master from Play store.

    Switch off the device, reboot and check Unknown sources if you haven't.

    Install and reboot. Try this and let me know the result. Else will pass you a fresh copy of the APK via email.



  5. Hey Admin, it is giving me error older sdk, look in the pic, i am using a rooted bluestacks with checked unknown sources in setting.

  6. Hey Amit, I am sure you are getting this error on blue stacks due to an outdated version of blue stacks installed. Uninstall it first, clean your PC with CCLeaner and download the latest blue stacks app and install again. Now it would work. Try and keep us updated.


  8. Hello admin...i have downloaded the file and when i go to device where i copied it it says " There is a problem parsing the file".. HELP PLZ?

  9. Hello,i downloaded the APK,but i couldn't install it,kept saying error in parsing the plz i tried cleaning RAM, Cache using Clean Master from Play store.and am getting same thing after reboot.

  10. Dear Kenroy, If you are getting this error then it may be because of two reasons 1) your device os do not support the file 2) the downloaded apk might be corrupted. So i suggest you to drop me your email id here. I will then email you the latest and fresh apk right away. Sorry for this delay in answering, was held up with some personal issues.

    Thanks, Mohti

  11. How to install it on youwave? I've tried several times, it was installed succesfully but cannot run

  12. BBM uses a hidden ARM code and ARM is currently not supported by you have to wait until YouWave does that.....

  13. Followed the procedure above, and a hitch there was none. Running BBM via WiFi on my Asus Fonepad 7 which the Google Play store had told me was incompatible with my device. Thumbs up to TGS.

  14. Dear Doz, thanks for passing by. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks a tonne.