Great Photography Tips For iPhone Users

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The iPhone is a real cool piece of technology. It started the whole touchscreen smartphone trend that the world constantly follows around. Right now, the iPhone 4S has got to be the most famous smartphone on Earth.

Great Photography Tips For iPhone Users

Everybody wants one. People who don’t even want an iPhone know features about the iPhone, such as Siri. That’s probably the most famous feature. Of course, there’s the amazing 8 megapixel rear camera that takes superb pictures.

The iPhone has started a trend, called “iPhoneography.” Basically, iPhoneography is about iPhone users using their iPhones to take beautiful pictures, using a wide variety of apps and accessories (yes, there are camera accessories for smartphones!) and share them with everyone around the world.
If you want to practice iPhoneography but you can’t because of your iPhone, then it’s time to buy the iPhone 4S. You should consider selling your iPhone if the camera isn’t what it used to be.

When you’re done to sell iPhone and you have the iPhone 4S, follow these tips to take great iPhone pictures.

1) Hold the phone properly

If you take photography classes, the first thing they’ll teach is how to hold the camera correctly. There’s always a correct form to do stuff, and taking photos is no exception.
By taking photos properly, not only will it be comfortable, but you’re also preventing unnecessary strain on your wrists. 

The best thing to do is to hold your iPhone with both hands and use one finger of either hand to take the picture. That way, your pictures are stable.

2) Zoom in the natural way

One of the best benefits of getting a digital camera is the optical zoom. It helps us get pictures in an easier way, but that makes us lazy.

One other tip is that zooming in reduces the quality and makes the photos look grainy. If you’re a perfectionist, these things can be really annoying.

To get a real good close up shot, you need to get up close with your subject. You’ll also be able to compose your pictures and get better angles, which makes a big difference from standing at a distance.

3) Experiment with angles

The great thing about smartphone cameras is that they’re very easy to use, thus giving people the ability to take great pictures. Plenty of pictures out in the world right now are actually taken with smartphone cameras, and the iPhone 4S is no exception.

If you look at picture sharing websites like Flickr, you’ll find that many photos there are taken with iPhones and Android devices, all at different angles.

Taking pictures at different angles gives you plenty of choices, should you wish to keep them for reference. Also, experimenting with angles always makes things more interesting.

To get started, try shooting photos from up high, or you can shoot them up close. By experimenting with different angles, you’re also controlling the light.


There are my three tips that you’ll surely find useful. If you’re thinking about selling your iPhone for the 4S, then do so. You’ll get all the benefits of technology today.

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