Top Free Must Have Apps For Windows PC

The list comprises of free software's for your windows computer which are very useful  & very tiny in size with compatibility for Windows XP, Vista, 7 , Windows 8 and even the latest Windows 10 operating system.

Free Softwares For Your Windows PC

Windows itself is a very powerful operating system but adding such free software's will not only enhance its capabilities but also boosts performance on the run.

CCleaner - The first in the list is a small windows utility which can do wonder's to your system. It clears off the temporary files, cache and even repair/update your registry.

Device Doctor - One the most important application that scans your system for outdated and missing drivers. It will provide you with the links to download and install latest drivers for your system. It's available for free and a paid version is also available.

Daemon Tools Lite - This creates a virtual drive on your system that will help you to read and emulate disk images. Daemon tools lite is the best in its category software that helps you to load image files that have been created using the original disk.

USB Disk Ejector - The most easy and convenient way to monitor all the external drives attached to your system and eject them safely as well. Just click on any one of them and you are done.

Dropbox - One of the most useful cloud storage application that lets you store and access your files securely on the go. Install it on your system or access your files from the browser itself. A free user gets 2 GB of free storage and that can be upgraded as a paid user. You can also share your files with people who are not on Dropbox.

Battery Bar Pro - For Laptops frequent battery drains are a prominent problem and default windows app won't let you measure the actual stats but using Battery bar pro you can monitor the battery charging and draining percentages moreover it shows the actual time a battery will take to charge and drain.

VLC Media Player - I guess you might be using it for watching movies. The best movie and music player available on Internet today. Moreover it also acts as a video converter that supports some of the major formats.

Google Drive - Again a useful cloud storage app that's really easy to install which features 5 GB of free storage and since it's from Google you can access the drive files on almost all the Google Web Products.

Google Chrome - The best web browser available with great looks and great performance molded into one.
If you are still using the other browser's I would recommend you to go for this since I am sure you won't regret my suggestion.

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7Zip - Free zip manipulating application. Once you start using this i am sure you won't have to go for WinZip and WinRar utilities. Does the same job but for free.

Tera Copy - Will replace the default Windows file copy system and will do its job with double the speed. You can pause or stop the process anytime you like. Both paid and free versions are available.

Google Talk - Free chat client from Google that lets you chat with your contacts for free. You can use this app to chat with your Google Plus friends as well.

uTorrent - The best torrent downloading client ever. Hardly of any size and does much more than what is expected.

ImgBurn - Make a disk image, burn a disk image into a disk, create an image out of the existing files on your PC and many more. 

CD Burner XP - This free disk burning utility lets you burn data on DVD and CD ROMs. Very small in size and easy to use. This application will replace almost all the other data burning applications.

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free antivirus program from Microsoft which gives you free time virus and Internet security. The only requirement for you to install this is that you ought to have a genuine Windows running PC.

Windows Live Writer - If you blog a lot, then Windows Live Writer is the best tool for you to write optimized and SEO friendly article.

MP3 Cutter - Trim and Slice down your mp3 files and use them as ringtones. This software supports 40 other formats as well.

Drive Image XML - The basic idea of this software is to create a backup of your entire hard drive in an image format that you can store elsewhere or make a bootable disk You can restore backup using a bootable CD.

Defraggler - Use Defraggler to defrag your entire hard drive, or individual files. This compact and portable Windows application supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

These are some of the free applications that can help you maintain your Windows computer with no extra cost and small problems arising then and now can be easily fixed up at home. Moreover, the Internet is full of such applications and counting. The above list is just some of the prominent apps that we have installed on our computer's.

Try this and let us know your experience. Kindly do mention some of the apps that you thing we missed out. 

Comments will be highly appreciable.


  1. Hi, can I use this method to root my galaxy tab 2 7.0 P3100 with Android 4.0.3?

  2. Frankly speaking @Andrias, i never tried the same method on Android 4.0.3, as i got Tab 2 P3100 with Android 4.1.1. This method works fine on Android 4.1.2 (personally tested & working) but cannot guarantee whether it will work with 4.0.3 or not.



  3. i tried to root with upper method it did pass everything, but when i go to installation mode it shows clockworkmode , how do i get into the latest one. please help.

  4. Hai Sujit, To get the latest available CWM Recovery, Install ROM Manager on your device(the device should be rooted) from the Google Play Store.
    The app lets you have the latest CWM Recovery that is available. The one you have is the latest at the moment i guess.

    Regards, Mohit