How To Speed Up Your Windows 7 PC or Laptop ?

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Speed Up Your Windows 7 PC or Laptop

Have you often thought, in-spite of having the latest hardware and maximum random access memory, why does your PC/Laptop lags and keeps freezing now and then.
I often observe my friends do not use proper tools to maintain the system moreover when majority of them are freely available to download from the Internet. This is the main problem when anything goes wrong and you blame the manufacturer for the errors occurred. 

But we never look at a side where we might also be at fault. They give us the best and we are the one's who are responsible to keep it in a best condition possible.

Reasons for a Slow System 

1) Whenever you system freezes at a point, the only thing you do is to restart it. (Never restart your system, wait for some time it will respond back soon).

2) Proper Cleaning of the system is necessary on a scheduled basis. (At least thrice in 2 months).

3) Non - Compatible hardware are made to work and that will create problems for sure.

4) Using more than 2 antivirus applications at the same time, may reduce the efficiency of the system.

5) Your system is full of software's installed that you do not even bother to use. (Uninstall Them Immediately)

6) Not using a UPS. Sudden shutdown may cause fatal errors and problems to hardware's installed.

7) Trying to install a higher version of operating system than the minimum that your motherboard actually supports.

8) Playing with registry by altering it without having proper knowledge or guidance.

9) Not even bothering to clean the temporary files, cache's and cookies that get stored on your system for years.

10) Last but not the least, proper maintenance and lack of knowledge of what you are doing. 

These are the most common problems that a system face, perhaps there may be more. 

These are the one's that i came across with number of system's around me.

Follow the steps below and give your Computer a long blessed life :

1) Go to Programs and Features (Win Vista & Win 7), go to add or remove programs (Win XP ). Look for the programs that you use normally on a regular basis. And Uninstall all the unnecessary programs that you do not use.

2) Use CCleaner - to clean your temporary files and to repairs registry errors that occur with time.

3) Defragmentation is very important for the system files or volume disk's installed. Use Defraggler to defragment your hard disk and substitute it with the windows defragmentation tool.

4) Use the best possible Antivirus Software such as AVG, Avira or Avast. You can get a free copy of each on their respective websites.

5) Use Tune Up Utilities - to tune your system and clean and save disk space. This software is full of all the tools that can help you to reduce burden on RAM and will help you to tune your system the way you want. 

Note : Please use, after backing up the necessary files and registry for a start. 

6) Use the Windows Check Disk Command to give a regular checkup for all the Hard Disk's installed. 

Go to Run, Type CMD, Then type chkdsk and press enter. After the process completes, restart.

7) Use Webroot Windows Washer - This tool has a great features to rescue space with unwanted files. 

8) Only use compatible software's and hardware's.

9) Update your windows regularly or as when required.

10) Update all the driver's regularly. Use Device Doctor - This tools is a freeware that lets you find all the updates for your outdated driver's for free.

These are small yet strong points that you should keep in mind while using your system. 

This will not only help you to keep your system healthy but will bless your system a long life.

Hope you like the points mentioned above. Try them and let us know your views and suggestions.

Please do share the same and help us grow. 


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