How To Control Multiple Computer's Using a Keyboard & Mouse ?

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When you are using multiple computers at the same time, switching multiple set of keyboard and mouse becomes too hectic and frustrating. What if you have four computers running at the same time, and for all of them you have a single keyboard & a mouse. 

Control Multiple Computer's Using a Keyboard & Mouse

Troung Do, a Microsoft's Dynamic Developer in Redmond after getting too frustrated of switching multiple mouse and keyboard developed an application for windows that uses a single set of mouse and keyboard to control four computer's at the same time. This dynamic software is known as "Mouse Without Borders".

There are few apps like the same but "Mouse Without Borders" is a powerful application for windows where you can not only use a single keyboard & mouse between different computer's but can also drag and drop files from one computer to another that goes to a predefined folder on the desktop. You can also Login or Logout each computer at the same time.

Just download the software and install it on all the computer's which you need to control with a single keyboard and mouse. After installing it will ask you whether you have installed the software to other computer's you like to control or not. Here say "NO" which will show you the PIN and Computer name for your PC that you will have to use in order to link everyone together on the same network.

Mouse Without Borders

Mouse Without Borders

The video above will help you to know more about the software directly from the developer himself. Try the app and do let us know your experience with the same. Also take some time to share the same with your friends and family.


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