Rip Audio CD's Using Windows Media Player

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This tutorial will help you to rip and save music from audio CD's to your hard disk. By default we are not able to copy music files directly from the CD's due to copyright restrictions. Here Windows default music player comes handy.

Rip Audio CD's Using Windows Media Player

Ripping audio CD's using Windows Media Player gives you WMA and Mp3 formats and that are the best formats available for music files. Audio quality ranges from 48 Kbps to 192 Kbps. You can set that according to your wish and preferences. When the quality rises, per mega byte space occupied by each audio format will also rise simultaneously.

Put your Audio disk in to the DVD Rom and play that with windows media player, head directly towards the rip tab if you are on Windows XP and choose options from organise if you are on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Rip Audio CD's Using Windows Media Player

On the rip settings window, choose and modify things as per you preferences and hit apply followed by OK. 

Now when you have the audio CD in the CD/DVD ROM, the Rip tab on windows media player will automatically read the files on the Audio CD .

Optional - Make sure that you are connected to the internet as windows media player will update the album info providing you all the details of the music on the CD. 

Now just hit the Start Rip button and sit back.

After a few minutes your ripping will be done and by default you will find the ripped album in your My Music Folder. You can also change the destination place to store the ripped audio files as per your convenience.

Quick Tip To reduce your efforts you can directly choose "Rip Music From CD Option" when auto play menu pops up after inserting your audio CD. Here make sure you have configured the rip settings before you do so.

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