How To Download Movies Using a Torrent Application ?

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Downloading movies, music, applications, software's and other stuffs from the web using a torrent application is not a rocket science these days. Every other laptop or desktop you encounter will definitely have a torrent application installed but for your surprise a few may not have one either and that's really surprising these days.

Now downloading content from the web using a torrent application involves a few steps, those are really easy and you can mug up the steps at the very first try itself. Lets see what the steps are like ?

Step 1. First of all you would require a torrent client or a torrent application which basically helps you to download digital content online. For the same you can download any one of the following mentioned below. These are the best in the business recommended and used by many.

3. Vuze

Once you are done downloading, install the same on your computer.

Step 2. Now you need to search for a torrent file for the respective content you are looking for. We recommend using the following websites to download quality torrent files with very minute chances of getting or landing with a corrupted file or media.

Step 3. Download any of your favorite torrent file you like.


If you have chosen, after choosing your favorite torrent just hit the torrent download button on the very top of the torrent file page.

Using Google Chrome you will have the torrent file downloaded, Like in the picture below.


Step 4. Once you get a file like the one above on your Windows taskbar, just double click the same which will directly open the file using the application downloaded in step 1.

add torrent file window

In the above window you can select what all files you need the torrent client to download. Only the files being checked will be downloaded rest will be skipped.

Congratulations ! You have finally learned how to download any digital media using a torrent application.

Please Note : Downloading copyrighted digital content online is illegal and not recommended. The article is just for your knowledge base. So use it wisely.


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