How To Insert Tables Into Blogger Using Microsoft Word


insert tables into blogger using Microsoft word
Blogger does not have its own tool inbuilt that lets you create a table into the post body, rather manual html coding is required to do so. Html coding these days is not every body's cup of tea. Don't panic we have an easy way round.

Though we can directly copy a table designed on Microsoft word into blogger using copy paste but after publishing any post the copied table may not appear as it actually use to.

Well using a small trick explained below you can easily insert tables designed on MS Word directly into blogger.

We are assuming that you have created a table in Microsoft Word that you plan to insert into blogger post body like the one below.

insert tables into blogger

Once you are done designing a table on Microsoft Word, just save the document as a filtered web page as shown below. Save it on desktop for further convenience.

insert tables into blogger using microsoft office

Now open the saved web page with notepad. Once you open the saved web page on notepad, you will see  few HTML codes on the notepad. 

Just copy the complete HTML codes on the notepad as it is and paste the same into the HTML tab on blogger post where you want the table to appear.

Shift to compose and you will the table inserted into the post body. As simple as it.

The process is very simple. If you still get an error, please feel free to get back via comments. Or drop us a mail at