How To Install Disqus Comment System on Blogger

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disqus commenting system on the geek solutions

Disqus commenting system for blogger is the most popular commenting platform today. This small piece of widget can do wonders if installed which basically engages readers & promotes your blog using a predefined set of networks.

The blogger default comment box is no longer adequate and falls short of major features as well. Disqus lets you enter a new world of conversation where people can easily discuss and share things.

Disqus is equipped with social networks that lets you enter any conversation using usernames of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Disqus and openID. If an individual chooses to comment who already has a Disqus profile, their  respective avatar and commenting history on other various websites will also be available simultaneously  This helps individuals to find other blogs of similar interests that indirectly promotes a particular blog.

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Now installing this widget to your blog on blogger is really simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Log on to your blogger profile. Make sure to backup your template before going on with the process.

Step 2. Now log on to Disqus and create a profile if not made already.

log on to disqus the geek solutions

Step 3. Head towards the Get this On Your Site button. On your website's dashboard, select install.

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install disqus on blogger

Step 4. Now choose your blogging platform. In this case it will be blogger.

choose your blogging platform

Step 5. Once you choose Blogger, simple click on Add to my Blogger Site.

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add disqus widget on blogger blog

Step 6. This will redirect you to blogger page where all you have to do is to add the widget, once added you can choose the place where you like the widget to stick on. To the extreme bottom is preferred.

add widget on blogger
Step 7. Save the settings made on your template layout and you are done. Refreshing your blog will make the disqus widget appear.

Note : Once you migrate from blogger default comment system to disqus commenting system, old comments will no longer be visible. But to make them visible on disqus simple import the blogger comments directly into disqus. The process may take upto 48 hours to sync old comments to disqus platform.

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When you reach step 5, you can simply click on Tools -> Import. Choose the appropriate option and hit sync. As mentioned earlier it may take a few days for the old comment to appear back.

Almost all the steps mentioned are really simple, moreover the steps mentioned above are totally self explanatory. 

Still you face some issues, feel free to get in touch via comments.


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