Google + Commenting On Blogger : Advantage or Disadvantage

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Google Plus Commenting on Blogger
Blogger recently introduced Google + Commenting feature that is compatible with the default blogger templates as well as with custom blogger templates either free ones or paid. For default blogger templates the widget appears by default but for custom blogger templates, you have to enable the same manually.

Its just a day or two after the feature got rolled out worldwide, user's specially bloggers have started debating, as will this be an advantage or a disadvantage for them. Ever since Google is trying to integrate all its products we have seen improvements in every bit. Moreover the user friendless provided by Google to its respective products is no where to be found.

Google + Commenting feature for blogger is an advantage or disadvantage we cannot decide, since we are no experts on Google products. But to have a little idea on the same we have summed up some advantages and disadvantages for you to decide upon. So let's see what are they.

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1) Comments made on Google Plus profile on a particular post will get synchronized on the web page as well.

2) User's have an option to comment publicly or in private.

3) Every activity made on Google + profile in respect with a particular post will get updated both ways. 

4) User's have an option to filter new comments or top comments or just the one's made by people in their respective circles. 

5) If you compare the new widget that with the old default comment widget on blogger, the new widget looks quite appraising and elegant.

6) The most impressive part, old comments will not be lost where as they will get updated on the new widget without losing the number counts.

7) Engagement with user's becomes real simple that indirectly boosts up your traffic both the ways.

8) Since only people having Google Plus profiles will be able to comment, spamming will get reduced to a satisfactory level.


1) One of the major problem with Google + commenting system is that, people not having a Google Plus profile or account will not be able to post a comment. 

If they do so, they will be prompted to sign up for a Google Plus account. In a rare case people would sign up, rest would pass by. Finally you lose a comment.

2) Recent Comments widget that basically pumps out feeds from blogger comments won't be working on Google + commenting system.

Default blogger templates will get the widget by default after enabling Google + Commenting from the blogger dashboard. 

4) Currently this feature has been rolled out for blogger platform only. Rest all the platforms like Wordpress, Tumblr has keen kept deprived off for the time being.

5) If you change your blog URL to a custom domain, you will lose all your Google + comments. 

slightest change in the url will make you lose all the comments you have recieved after you integrated this feature with your blog.

Hope this would give you an idea about the merits and demerits of the new feature. Kindly let us know your views and feedback. If you think we have missed out any point, kindly let us know via comments.

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