Facebook Unveils New Graph Search Beta

This morning Facebook gave me a surprise notification for the introduction of graph search beta that i was subscribed to for a long time. 

The new Facebook graph search is simply incredible and one hell of a speedy giant. I was held back when i started using it for an hour or so.

Once you login and if you had subscribed to try this new feature as a developer, starting today you might be getting a new notification bar that has got a big search bar along with other all time notifications.

Facebook's new graph search

If you get such a notification i would suggest you to take the tour first before going on with the graph search. All you have to do is to input proper search terms, things which are recent and habitual are shown instantly rest are given with an option to choose from.

Simply hovering your cursor on the search bar will pull out a few suggestions that you may think will help you  better with the search. Moreover if you like to take the tour again, click in Take the Tour at the bottom of the drop down list. Take the tour option will disappear after a few days.

Simple usage of phrases lets you explore your connection very easily. This search engine will show up results to almost anything being inputted, provided it exists.

For Eg. i searched for my college in kerala which i was used to study in, soon after the logged in the keywords i got a drop down menu saying friends been with you, friends who like, friends living near, friends living in kerala etc.

Facebook graph search beta again provides you a search refining and search extending option where you. If you think you would like to refine the search made you can for sure alter the settings and refine your search for a more closer results.

The extend this search option is again something that lets you diversify your search area by providing different option to choose from. 

As you see in the above picture, the extend this search option  has got plenty of suggestions landed for you to choose from. If you are done with this simple click on Discover Something New.

Hope you got the new graph search beta active on your profile. If not simply head towards the introductory Facebook Graph Search page to try the new graph search. Don't forget to hit the Try Graph Search Button.


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