Facebook Home Now Available for Any Android Device, Thanks to XDA Developers

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Faceboook Home is now available for any Android Device, thanks to the developers at XDA who recently modified the application that withdraws the device specific limitation completely. 

Facebook Home launched initially on April 12, 2013 but was limited to certain HTC and Samsung devices moreover for US citizens only.

Facebook Home Available for Samsung and HTC mobile phones including HTC First, Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Note II, and HTC’s One X and One X+. 

It doesn't replace Android, it merely augments it by using Facebook’s services to power the key social interactions you perform on the phone browsing social media updates, chatting with somebody, sharing a picture, and sharing links.

To begin with First of all you have to uninstall Facebook and Facebook Messenger app completely from the device. 

If both the apps were pre installed then you have to root the app in order to get rid of those.

Download Facebook Home [modified] and optionally Facebook Messenger [modified]. Since you will get these app in a zip file, extract the file and transfer the files to your android Device. More info is provided on the XDA support forum.

Note - You must have Android 4.0 or higher. You don't have to root your device to install the above files. A rooted phone will also work fine.

Install the official Facebook app (com.facebook.katana), then the Facebook Home launcher (com.facebook.home), and then the Facebook Messenger app (com.facebook.orca).

Now login to Facebook app, where you will see Finish Facebook Home Settings buttons. Click on it that will keep an option to run the device using Facebook Home Launcher or Touch Wiz (in case of Samsung Galaxy Device).

Select the Facebook Home launcher and choose Always or Just once. It's your choice. Once the settings get finalized, switch off the device and restart.

Congratulation you have finally got your hands on the New Launcher from Facebook, Facebook Home.

In case you face issues with the install, then just reboot into recovery and wipe Dalvik Cache. There is a probability for you to damage your phone, so kindly perform the above steps on your own risk. We won't be held  responsible if you face issues with the installation.

In case you have trouble doing so, please get in touch we will for sure try to help you out. Please share and let your Facebook Friends get to know about this.


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