How To Shutdown Your Blogger Blog Temporarily

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This is a very useful procedure incorporated into the blogger platform that helps you to temporarily shutdown your blogger blog making it non accessible for visitors. You can choose to make it appear only for blog authors or a bunch of selected authors in case your blog is having multiple authors.
This process will only make your blog temporarily unavailable and people who have access to your blogger account will only be able to access the blog.

This is very useful when you are updating your website or performing a regular maintenance.

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Let see how you can do this.

Step 1. Log on to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2. Choose the blog you want to shut down (in case you have more than one blog)

Step 3. On the left side, head towards the settings panel.

settings panel on blogger
Step 4. On the settings, scroll down to find basic settings.

basic settings on blogger

Step 5. On the basic settings panel, to the right head towards the permissions block and on the blog readers option click on edit.

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edit blog readers on blogger

Step 6. Now here you can choose "Anybody" to make the blog appear online worldwide.
Choose "Only Blog Authors" for making it visible to blog authors only or
Choose "Only These Readers" for making it visible to a particular bunch of readers.

Step 7. To restrict the access for general viewers select the option 2 and "Save Changes".

Step 8. To check wether the process have been initiated succesfully. Just log out from your Google Account and log on to your website.

If everything went ok, you will see a blogger log in page for your blog.

Success ! Your webpage is temporarily not accessible for general viewers. But you can access the blog by entering your blogger credentials.

Once you are done doing the regular maintenance and updation kindly revert back all the settings performed above to make the website or blog accessible for general viewers.

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