How to Make Your Blog Stand Out In Search

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Stand Out in web search
The ultimate aim of any blog is to attract more visitors so that it can sell more products or get more revenuesthrough advertising. Since most surfers search for content on the search engines like Google and Bing, it is important that a blog stands out in search results. 

But good design and more content are just not enough to get good rankings from search engines. 
Some of the techniques to make your blog standout in search results are as follows.
Consider the Customers
Many businesses generally have a fair idea of who their customers are and what do they want. But, many business owners miserably fail to take this understanding over to their blogs. Search engines generally give better rankings to websites which can provide the content which is more desired by internet users (more searched by them). 
So, it will be good for businesses to provide the advice, knowledge, information, and inspiration to their customers. Businesses should simply provide enough value for customers which will make them to come back for more.
The rapid growth of social media has made it impossible for bloggers to ignore them. Social media can bevery effectively used by bloggers to promote their blogs and improve their popularity. Search engines give better consideration to blogs which have good popularity in social media circles. Try to include links to all popular social networks like Facebook, Google +, and Twitter on your blogs. 
This will make it easy for the visitors of your blog to share the content on their social network profiles. Other friends and followers of the persons who have shared your blog posts can in turn share them with others.
Update your Blog with Quality Content Regularly
Always, keep adding fresh content to your blog. Websites/blogs which are updated regularly are ratedbetter by search engines. Fresh content will make your readers to return to your blog more often and also attract more new readers. In addition to quantity, the quality of your blog posts is also important if you website is to be rated better by search engines. Search engines are more likely to favorably index a blog with fresh high quality content. 
Bloggers who don’t have much time to keep adding more content can at least consider adding more high quality short posts.
Think Editorial, Not Advertising
Don’t think of your blog as a channel to deliver advertisements to your audience. Just as newspapers can’t survive only with advertisements, a blog too can’t survive without quality editorial focus. Search engines will shunt your blog if doesn't provide propervalue to customers and just focus on acquiring new customers and selling more products to them. Direct sales approaches will turnoff both the search engines and visitors from your site. Editorial guidelines should be strictly followed, even if your blog’s primary purpose is to generate revenue through advertisements.
Build Good Links
Links are very important to build the popularity of a blog. Links are a big signal of blog’s quality tosearch engines and will help in getting better rankings. Good inbound links from other reputed blogs and websites will increase the popularity of your blog. Right from the time a blog is started, bloggers need to focus their time and energies on getting quality inbound links for other blogs/websites. 
Bloggers can get good quality links by adopting a number of strategies like posting guest posts on other blogs, getting into reciprocal link building agreements with other blogs, posting comments on other blogs/social networks with links to their blogs, etc.
Try to Find Your Own Voice
One of the biggest mistake committee by bloggers is follow the crowd and use a generic approach to craft blog posts and entries. While such a conservative approach might attract some readers, they don’t help a blog in getting highlighted and stand out from the crowd. 
Bloggers should try to build up their writing style which is easily noticeable by others. Also, try to focus your blogs content on a selected niche area in any given discipline. It is very easy to corner a small niche area than trying to dominate a vast swath of the market. For E.g. It’s easy to focus on a small sub-discipline like branding rather than trying to cover the whole discipline of marketing.
Though the above tips can helpbloggers to stand out in search, blogging rules are changing every day. Some of the blogging rules like guest blogging, social media, and commenting tend to change constantly. Bloggers need to up-to-date regarding the changing blogging rules in order to stay ahead of the times.

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