Apps Not Connecting To Facebook on Android [Solved]

On your Android device while accessing a few apps you may have to connect to your Facebook profile in order to save your progress in case of games and data in case of other non gaming apps.

Few friends of mine came across a problem where they were not able to log into Facebook while using gaming apps like Agent Dash, Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfers. Whenever they tried connecting the app crashed and restarted.

This becomes very annoying as the saved progress is not recoverable and you may have to restart and play the game again.

Re-installing the games also do not solve the problem. Sometimes this problem may arose automatically or  you may encounter such a problem after the OS update.

What is the problem basically. It's a big deal actually. This happens because when ever we leave an running app to connect to some other third party website or app the android system shuts down the background running app in this case the games. So this action forces the app to restart.

The games and app you use in this case will run normally but you won't be able to connect to social networking apps altogether for saving progress or sharing data.

On your android device go to Settings-->Developer Option-->Don't keep activities (Destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it) uncheck this if checked. You have to make sure this option is not checked. This is the main reason for the apps not connecting to social networks like Facebook etc.

Restart your device and try connecting to Facebook again. Your problem will be solved.

Hope your problem got solved. Comment and let us know your views.


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