"Temple Run 2" Now Available for Android

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After the immense success of Temple Run, Imangi Studios rolled out the sequel Temple Run 2 for Android last Thursday. Part 1 of this fabulous game is so popular among kids probably you may get every 3 out of 10 playing the game on a regular basis.

Imangi Studios are working tremendously to get user's the best games with high end graphics, beautiful and catchy backgrounds.

Temple Run 2 is set on a completely different stage where the three monster monkeys are replaced by one giant monster. The character now jumps ropes to reach one platform to another. The plot is exciting and has all the capabilities to keep the user's busy with the games for hours.

Moreover adding to the fun is the new mine cart which is solely driven by you. Very exciting and trust me I am still playing this game as I cannot keep my hands off my phone.

Thanks Imangi for the lovely sequel. Wish you all the best.

The game has been available on android since last Thrusday and got more than 20 million downloads.

Visit Imangi Studio on their official website

Temple Run 2 is available now as a free download from Google Play.

Temple Run 2 for iOS Devices

Screenshots of the Game

temple run 2

temple run 2

temple run 2

temple run 2

temple run 2

temple run 2

I recommend you to download the app at least once and play. I am sure you won't even think of quitting it once you get into it. 


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