How To Track Your Google Adsense Check In India

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Google Adsense
Once your adsense dashboard shows payment issued, its time for you to trace down the status of your adsense check that's normally delivered in India via Blue Dart.
Many people get confused on how to do the same as in for Indian user's their are no Blue Dart Tracking Number's available on the Google Adsense dashboard.

Let's see how can you track your Adsense Check status in India.

1) Log on to your Adsense account and head towards the area on the page that says "Finalized Earnings" and click on "Details >>".

Google adsense finalized earnings

2) Upon clicking details you will be taken to the "Payments Tab". Scroll to the bottom of the page to find "Payment Issues for a particular month" and click on details.

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Here you will find details such as payment type, payment date, payment date, amount in reporting currency, exchange rate and amount in paying currency.

Google adsense payment issued summary box

In the above picture you have to note the Payment Number that comprises of 9 digits. Note : The payment number always starts with a zero.

3) Now log on to the blue dart tracking website.

blue dart track dart

On the track dart check Ref no and enter the payment number without the initial zero. For eg, if your Payment Number is 012345678, enter 12345678 as the Ref no in the blue dart track dart page.

If you are lucky enough you will get details of your shipment stating the way bill no., ref no., pickup date, source and destination, status and expected date of delivery.

You can also enter your email ID to get personal email notification about the exact status of your shipment as well.

details of tracking on blue dart website

If you do not get such details and get an error saying number not found then you still have to wait a bit as Blue Dart will only update this page once they get hold of your shipment from Google.

Normally if your adsense checks are issued on December 21, 2012 you will get the status on blue dart on and after January 5th, 2013 and the same will get delivered within a day or two.

Hope you have got the exact idea about everything. Have you received your adsense check or not ?

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