How To Sync Contacts in Excel to Android

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If you are a new Android user you might have faced a common problem of not getting all your contacts from your old handset to your new Android device

Those contacts may be in an excel format and if its in huge number's then its really a hectic job to enter each and every single number into your new android device.

Now that you have the excel file ready (we are assuming that you have one), first we need to convert that excel file into a .csv format or the comma separated values format that i majorly read by an android device.

For this you have to download a free software XLS to CSV converter that will convert the same without hassles. 

Execute the program and select the source file that is your excel sheet and select the place where you would like to save the csv converted file with a suitable name and hit convert.

xls to csv for free

After the conversion is done you will a .csv file lying at the destination place you selected earlier. now keep the .csv file aside and log on to your gmail email account. 

Note : Log on with the same email id used on the Android device.

Head towards the contacts panel in gmail. 

gmail contacts manager

Here if you have some numbers stored or synced earlier you will find the same on your device as well. But we have to import and sync numbers from the csv file we just created above.

Click on more and select import from the drop down menu.

select menu and select the target file to import from

Select the .csv file as the source file and hit import to get all the contacts synced.

import contacts in gmail

Depending upon the number's you have, in a short while you will get all your contacts synced with the gmail contacts manager.

Make sure you have either WiFi or data services enabled on the handset in order to sync contacts with the Android device. Data services may carry charges as per your data plan availed.

Once you are done with all the above steps you will get all the contacts synced from the .csv file right on your Android device. As simple as it is. This procedure hardly takes 5 minutes.

Hope you have got the basic idea of syncing contacts with gmail and Android devices. If you have any problem please feel free to ask via comments.


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