How To Import a Blog in Blogger ?

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When you mess up things with a blogger blog, you can recover or import the same blog that you once backed-up on your hard disk for possible future use.

The import and export features on Blogger give your content a whole new range of portability and freedom, allowing you to save a copy of your blog on your hard drive, or import your blogs into other existing blogs.

You can even upload custom templates to blogger and import a blog into an existing blogger blog. Importing a blog will give you everything you had on that particular blog like posts, widgets and comments etc. You have option to publish all the posts at the same time or you can manually publish them as per your convenience.

Note: A deleted blog from blogger is still visible and can be reinstated from the blogger dashboard under the head "Deleted Blog" before 90 days. You should go for the procedure mentioned below only if you have crossed the 90 days limit to restore your blog.

Here we are going to use the XML file that you exported earlier. You have to reach the same place from where you had access to export the blog.

Go to your blogger dashboard and head towards settings -> Other.

settings on blogger dashboard

On the Page You will see "Blog Tools". Click on Import Blog.

tools to import or export blog

A Window will open where you have to enter the .xml file, enter captcha and wait for the import to be done. By default, all of your imported posts will remain unpublished until you publish them from your dashboard later. However, if you would rather have all posts published immediately, make sure to check the box next to Automatically publish all imported posts before you click Import Blog.

import tools for blogger
Once the system imports everything you can start blogging back. If you had checked the auto publish feature all your posts would be visible on the blog. Else you can manually publish them anytime you want.

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