How To Export/Back-Up a Blogger Blog


With blogger you have an option to export or back-up your blog in case of emergencies arising then and now. Once you create a back-up you can anytime re-instate your blog to the same time when you took the back-up.
This is a very simple process. Let's see how you can make a back-up of your blogger blog.

Step 1. Log on to

Step 2. On your dashboard, select the blog for which you would like to create a back-up. (In case you have more than one blog)

Step 3. Head towards settings located to the extreme bottom left.

navigation panel for blogger dashboard

and on the settings panel click on "Other".

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blog tools for exporting your blogger blog

Step 4. To the top of the page you will find a box that has got Blog Tools written on it. Its here where you will find the export tools. Just hit that and wait for the file to get downloaded. Time may vary depending on how old your blog is.

blogger blog tools
Once you click on "Export Blog" a dialogue windows will appear that will have the information about the file you are about to download. The file will be an XML file that contains every bit of information stored on the blog along with the reader comments.

blog export dialogue box

Step 5. Click on Download Blog and wait for the XML file to download. Keep it safe for further use.

Congratulations you have finally backed-up your blogger blog. Using the XML file you can anytime re-instate your blog to any date prior.


  1. Thanks, but this was something that was obvious for a blogging platform like blogger to have. If you mess up things, the backup will help you to get things back on move.

  2. heyy bro, i was in search for something like this. i started blogging recently with blogger and this feature is really awesome for me as i always gets messy with my templates while tweaking the looks around. thanks a tonne !!!!