Google Adsense Introduced New Half Ad Unit Sized 300*600

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Google Adsense recently introduced a new ad which is basically known as the half page ad unit. Its been sized 300*600 and is preferred the best performing ad unit from Adsense after the ad units 333*280 and 160*1600.

Basically we all know that size matter when it comes to Adsense ad units. The bigger the size is more is the possibility of clicks and more is the income generated. These types of ad units generate a bigger CPM (Cost Per Mile) and CPC (Cost Per Click)

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This is majorly recommended to be placed on the homepage and sidebars as these places are most likely to attract clicks on a regular basis.

Google Adsense Ad Unit (Half Page Ad Unit) 300*600

There is nothing new in how to get this ad unit placed on your blog. Its the same way you did for the rest of the ad units. Google also mentioned that this size ad unit was very much requested by many publishers worldwide as earlier this ad unit was only available for premium publishers but later on was open for all.

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I am sure you are going to love this one as if you are having a blog with a huge traffic, then your adsense income will grow tremendously provided you have placed it on the right place.

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Hope you are going to use the same and generate more income. If this ad unit has got more hits on your blog lately please share the same with us via comments below.

Thanks and have nice day ahead.

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