Why Most Of The Newbie Bloggers Fail ?

Reasons For Blogs to Fail
As per a personal observation and research, i have seen majority of the newbie bloggers saying "NO" to blogging within two or three months of initial start.
They may put forward a lot of reasons for the same, some say it didn't go well, some say blogging is just not something they like or what ever. Blogging was never a short term process and will never be one. You have to put your best foot forward while blogging as success is far but not impossible.

What do you think, all these successful blogs running had it in one day or they were the blessed one's. Every successful blog today worked hard to achieve a certain level of success and trust me its really hard but was never impossible.

Some of the common facts that result in failure of a blog

Lack of Proper Knowledge

This doesn't mean you have to be some computer expert with degrees to start a blog. But what it actually mean is to have a proper knowledge of the resources that will add to your effort being put on the blog. Choose the best platform and learn a bit before trying it. 

Research and get advice from professional and veterans who are doing this for ages now. 

Know Your Niche First

Well after you are done choosing the best platform for your blog, its now time to think over the niche you are going to serve. It can be anything like technology, games, science, literature, philosophy etc. One advice from my side is always go for such a niche that attracts you personally

People always get confused over the topics to publish as they are not certain about the niche they are going to blog about. Never start with a highly competitive niche. Just because Mashable and Tech Crunch are doing it, never make a justifiable reason for you to blog on the same niche.

When you start initially, never keep the word "money" in mind as its going to deteriorate your interest over blogging.

The word money sidetracks you from your aim and can prove fatal once you start. A money minded person will only be interested about the money the blog is fetching, content and matter will be of least interest to him/her.

Inappropriate Social Coverage

Social networks are the lifeline for any blog today, whether its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Stumble Upon, Pinterest etc.

You need to cover these areas in order to reach prospective blog readers on a regular basis.You should make a proper  interaction with your fan and follower's on such social networks.

Respond To Comments

Majority of blogger's fail to respond back to the comments they get on a particular post. When you respond back with at-least an appreciation you can make that reader return back to your blog.

Always have a positive tone while reverting back,  a negative reply may hinder your blog readership on a large scale.

Start With One

If you are serious about blogging and would like to go beyond what you are actually are doing then just start a single blog and let it make a mark for itself before you start another one.

Managing more than one blog at a time would be difficult and time consuming which may reflect on the quality of contents you are posting on each site.

Too Much Concentration Over Blog Optimization

If you have just started with blogging i would recommend you not to concentrate more on optimizing your blog.

Rather performing basic tweaks and posting quality content will attract more viewers that will basically increase your readership.

Hence just blow you head over posting quality content.

Regular Blog Updates

If you experience a good amount of traffic on your blog then posting few articles will do but a newbie should always try to post quality content more often.

Following this in your initial days will do wonder to your blog resulting in increased traffic and handsome amount flowing in.

Try to ponder on the facts mentioned above and try it on a positive note. Do it for some time with patience, i am sure you won't get disappointed.

Hope you liked the idea !!!!! :) Enjoy and Have a Nice Day.

Once Again Happy New Year 2013 from The Entire Team of "The Geek Solutions"


  1. though my blog is not responding after a series of attempts. i am still trying hard to get it into life, For sure going to keep all the above points in mind. thank you mohit.

  2. mayur, keep things moving and keep faith in your self. You will come out with flying colours soon.