How To Set Custom Ringtones in Nokia Lumia 610

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Nokia Lumia Series
The new Nokia Lumia 610 is an impressive handset with tonnes of features bundled into a single device. Features like sleek design, delicious metallic colors and colorful live tiles etc make it an awesome piece of technology.

It comes with a 5.0 megapixels Camera with auto focus and led flash , 3.7 " Display, 9.5 h of talk time on 3G network and 720 h of standby time on 3G and can also play music for 35 h in a row. 

A divine for touch phone enthusiasts featuring a the new Windows Phone OS with live tiles that mesmerizes the user with an completely different flavor.

My sister bought the same handset and was using it for the past few months. She wanted a random song that was her current favorite to be set as an ringtone. She tried a lot and finally asked me to do it for her. Now even when i tried i could not find the option "Set as a Ringtone" anywhere. 

So i found an easy solution for the same on the internet or on the Nokia support page. For setting a manual ringtone on you handset you have to keep in mind the following.

1) Latest Zune App for Windows Operating system

2) The media type should be in MP3 or WMA format.

3) The length of the media should be not more than 40 seconds.

4) The media file size should not exceed 1 MB in total.

Now once you are done with the above 4 points. 

Plus your phone with the PC, connect it with Zune. Upload the media file onto Zune and edit the media info and change the music genre into "Ringtone" and save the edited file. Then just drag and drop the file onto the phone icon present on the bottom left side.

Now go to phone -> app settings -> ringtones + sounds and here you will find the custom ringtones automatically added to the top of the list.

Enjoy your custom made ringtone on the new Nokia Lumia 610. Leave comments and also let us know if you have any other way around.

1 comment:

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