[How To] Set Bing Home Page Wallpaper as Lock Screen in Windows 8

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In our previous article where we illustrated how to set bing homepage wallpapers as desktop wallpapers in Windows 7, we are now going to show you how to set the same Bing homepage wallpaper as lock screen in the new Windows 8 Operating system. There are two methods to do so. You can either use and update the wallpaper manually else just install Bing my lock screen app on Windows 8 that will do the magic.

windows 8 lock screen

Procedure No. 1

Step 1. Install Bing app on Windows 8 and execute the application.

bing app on Windows 8

Step 2. On the Bing Home Page right click or use Windows key + z to get options as shown below.

the geek solutions

Step 3. Just hit the Set As Lock Screen option and you are done. the current Bing Home Page wallpaper will be on your Window 8 lock screen.

Procedure No. 2

Install Bing my lock screen and this app will set one of the eight latest images manually or automatically update the lock screen to today's image.

Bing my lock screen
Bing my lock screen
You will get the best lock screen images in amazing HD resolution. Once you have installed the app, it will do the rest of your work by updating your lock screen as and whenever Bing homepage gets a new image.

You can also manually update your lock screen image and moreover you can save the images for local use as well.

Go to the app settings, press Windows-C and click on Settings -> Settings here. Here you have an option to turn automatic lock screen updates on or off, change the update frequency and clear the automatic update log that the app writes to.

The application appears to be the first to change the operating system’s lock screen background automatically.

Hope you liked the article. Try the same and let us know you review on the same via comments.


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