Blogging For Money or Blogging For Knowledge

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My initial blogging years were full of reading other blogger's bio as in how they made the fortune, how did they came up with their blog and how did they start making a six figure income. All these facts were so inspiring that i couldn't resist my self and i finally decided to build a blog for tech enthusiasts and geeks. I came up with four blogs before i started The Geek Solutions. I inclined myself to load the blogs with content and since i had a Adsense account already i filled those blogs with ads from top to bottom. I use to publish almost ten articles every day and was waiting and waiting to get hits. But slowly and steadily i observed that my blogs were not even getting 1000 hits a month.

Blog For Knowledge

I Googled it and came to an conclusion that i was Blogging for Money and Not for Knowledge. Many of my friends had started blogging simultaneously and they were making enough for the efforts being put on. This was when i got shattered totally and decided to end all my ventures and to start it fresh again.

This is how i came up with my blog The Geek Solutions in the year 2011 after killing 4 of my other blogs. Now i was posting less but was posting only stuffs that i learned and only after doing a good research over it.  Moved on to the responsive style template, worked on the complete SEO of my blog, reduced page loading delays and many more tweaks to keep in pace with the readers who wish to visit again and again. Then finally got my first Adsense cheque after 9 months of serious hard work, the amount i am getting now a days isn't too impressive but is quite good for a start-up.

Recently my Ad serving on my website was disabled by Google, as i had some cracked third party applications published on my blog. I immediately removed such posts and after going through my website as a whole my Ad serving were enabled back by Google within a short span of time. This was a wonderful experience as i had to get in touch with the Adsense Team and had to take measures to make my website in accordance with the Adsense Policies. I gained something out of it, though it was a hard time for me but was an complete learning experience.

Now i days when ever i get to hear some tech issues from friends and family, i try to sort them out and then publish a resolved issue on my blog.

Even today people email me their queries and tech issues that i try and solve as soon as possible. You can load your blog with contents but what if nobody is interested in what you have posted. This is how you drain out of traffic from search engines. 

What i suggest is to blog only on the topics you are majorly interested in. Your interest makes much of the difference as you are knowledgeable about the same and can resolve issues put up by other's. You article should be informative and should make the reader to bookmark your website by which he or she can return back as a loyal blog reader.

This is long process but if we are working on the right direction we will always land up having something materialistic in hand. I won't say that we shouldn't work for money but we shouldn't make it our primary goal. 

Our primary motto should be posting quality contents for reader's and you will get good traffic if your content is being liked. More the traffic more you will earn out of it.

If you are already blogging and are not successful yet, start fresh and ponder on the points mentioned above. and if you are just thinking of to start blogging, keep a simple thing in mind...."Blog to Learn and Share, never blog for money".

Hope you guys like the entire idea. What are your views, kindly let us know your views via comments below.


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