Hide Optional Updates in Windows 7


Since I am a regular Windows 7 user, I like my system to get updates on various occasions that provides me with the latest hotfixes and security updates. These updates are a little slow and can make you wait for hours while they get installed.

For some obvious reasons you ought to have those in order to make your system work perfectly. Windows update lets you get updates to the system as well as hardware installed. But quite a few times you might have seen some optional updated appearing on the Windows Update windows that are not necessarily meant to be updated.

Windows 7 Optional Update The Geek Solutions
Now you can easily hide these and they will not appear the next time you check back for updates on your system.

Just search for Windows Update in the start menu and head towards the Windows Update page. If you have already done with the latest updates, you will see some optional updates like the 34 windows 7 language pack which are not at all necessary. But if you prefer some additional languages for Windows 7 operating system, you can for sure choose the one you like.

Here all you have to do is to right click on any of the optional update and click Hide Update. That’s it. You will automatically get rid of those optional updates.

Also you can select all the updates and hide them together. Just select all the available optional updates using your mouse and click on Hide Update.

Once you click on Hide Update, scroll down and click on OK to confirm your action. Immediately you will forwarded to a window that will say “Windows is up to date”.

This will be an easy way to get rid of those annoying optional Windows update. You can do the same for Windows Vista and Windows 8 as well.


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