Top Blogging Tips to Ponder On !!!

Hello ! Friends, if you are reading this then i believe you are a blogger or a wanna be blogger. Have you ever thought despite of efforts why are you not able to become a successful blogger ? Today in the current scenario we only consider blogging as a part time activity.

Many of us do start blogging after seeing many individuals earning examples on their respective blogs and website's. If they are earning that much, they have put on efforts to attain that level and trust me hard work has no shortcuts !!!!

It's been just a year i started blogging and still way to go. Seriously and frankly speaking even i started blogging just because i need some financial freedom. Bur our dreams are hypothetical in every sense and may be or may not is the term that gets attached to it. See i am not a blog guru or something to advice you people but i am trying to share what all i have been to and my journey in the past one year.

Ok, What does a successful blogger means ? People say a successful blogger is one who is making lakhs of rupees every month. Thats it ! Finished !

No, we cannot justify this at all ! How can you be sure that earning lakhs a month through blogging makes you a perfect and a successful blogger. In my point of view a successful blogger is one who takes up "Blogging as a Passion and not a Compulsion"

One fine morning you wake up and see many example who are making a fortune by doing what ? Just blogging. So you decide to create a blog, add a few posts with Google Ads running on those pages. And you are waiting, you wait for sometime, you again wait for a few days and for your surprise you didn't even got a single penny into your adsense account.

See this is just an example and a true fact. Their are tonnes of blogs beings made every day and just because they are not making any thing they are been deleted. Blogging if a long journey guys that has not destiny, you have to go on and on and on.

When i started even i did not find it that easy but what i thought was to carry this one and neglect other things attached.

There are a few things that i would like to share out of my experience and learning. They may not be right in your context but these are just some of the things i would like to highlight.

  • Try to post at least an article everyday. If you are particular you can make it more but make sure you do at least one for starters. Website having traffic up to a million every month can skip this part as they have already made a mark. But you have just reached and you have a long way to go.
  • If you have just started, try not to place any ads for the time till you get ample amount of traffic to your site. Since you don't have much traffic, the ads slots may continuously show same ads on each page. 
  • Make sure you are always available for your website, in case of emergencies when server gets hanged and you have proxy server errors and all. Try to overcome these as soon as possible. You cannot afford to be offline even for a day. That could be dangerous for your site listings in Google.
  • If you get comments on your blog, try and answer or revert back with a message. This helps to engage and make them visit your blog again and again. You can just use the reply button available. Never insult your reader even if he is so rude. Take some time, think over the issue and revert politely. 
  • Also make sure your blog loads fast, reader's usually won't wait for your blog to load. As the search queries may show up thousand of similar content on the web.
  • Add Images to your blog posts that make your post content a little appealing but content is the king so make it as rich as you can.
  • Use images that are compressed without losing quality and limit the numbers as per the length of the article being published.
  • Concentrate on keywords more and more. Choose high paying keywords and place them inside the content. Google Spiders will showcase the most related content primarily on Google Searches.
  • If you are visiting a niche blog, make sure you read the entire post before commenting, if you go out of the scene while commenting it can be considered as a spam. 
  • Never criticize other's on their blog, their is always a way to communicate. Never forget the etiquette's. You comments can show your maturity level.
  •  Never get over exaggerated with the income level's of other blog's. It's their efforts that they have put on for several years before reaching to such an extent. You cannot reach the same within a few months of blogging. As i already mentioned, blogging is a journey and not a destiny in itself.
  • Google Adsense can ban you any day even if you are following the rules properly. Make sure to register yourself with the alternates like Chitika, Adbrite, Infolinks, Clicksor even if you are not using them. Its better late than never. These are not as promising as Google Adsense but you never know.
  • If you are not a breaking news sort of website, ping your website at least twice in a week using Pinggoat, Pingomatic etc. This will help Google Bots to know when ever you have a new content up on your blog.
  • Make a backup using Dropbox of things like the website template, images for particular posts and any other you like that would be important for your website.
  • Now some SEO Tips that would help your to configure your blog.
- See more SEO Tricks available 
See some of the blogger tools that will make your blogging an ease

These are few of the things that i used and still using for the past one year and have got impressive results. Even if you apply these to your blog today itself, please please give some time and have patience as your blog will be incorporating and will give your awesome results within a few months of hard work. 

These are not the mantras to blog but are some of the prominent tips that will help you to make your blogging experience remarkable. So remember "Blogging is a Journey and not a Destiny". Blog only if you like to use this podium to share your knowledge and facts with people. Hard work will always be awarded.

Hope you liked the article and my idea towards taking up blogging. Leave Comments and suggestions.


  1. thanks a lot bro...i really appreciate it...i want to be blogger but my net speed sucks...thanks anyway...its a worth reading

  2. Thanks bro. Wish you all the best for a successful blogging experience

  3. Its my pleasure brother. All the best !!!!!!