Rumor Raincheck: Will Apple Sell iPhone 5 on September 12 ?


While you’re busy craning your neck for the next piece of news on the Apple versus the Samsung lawsuit battle, rumors are starting to boil from down under about the possible release of the next iPhone.

We all know it’d probably be untrue at this rate since it’s too early to say that Apple will be releasing a new iPhone for sure. Analysts are saying that the next Gen iPhone might be released during Q1 of 2013 (which would fall on October this year) but we’ve heard arguments that the tech giant may be gearing up to show us a new iPhone by mid-September.

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Multiple Leaks and Sources
Apart from the usual humdrum of the iPhone rumor mill (which is mostly about probable features, designs and materials), the Apple cult is abuzz with excitement now that we have finally seen a rumor about the possible release date of the next iPhone model. The Verge’s familiar sources confirmed a very likely September 12 date of release. This report is backed by iMore’s “sources who have proven accurate in the past”.

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According to the report, the tech giant is said to be preparing to release both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini in September. Sources say the iPhone 5 will be unveiled by September 12 (a Wednesday) and released in the market about 9 days after.

Meanwhile, sources also said the Apple tablet’s mini-me version could be making an appearance on September 12 as well as an upgraded version of the iPod Touch. Jim Dalrymple of The Loop gave his “yep” to the September 12 release date. Dalrymple’s tiny nod has prompted Apple followers to starting thinking about or planning to sell used iPhone sometime soon before their iPhones depreciate in market value.

Meanwhile,  Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD says that their sources have reported an iPhone 5 unveiling that is being penciled on the September 9 date (another Wednesday). Last March, App4Phone specifically reported a September 21 date also adding that the next iPhone will be initially released in the United States, in China and in some parts of Europe. In general, we may all be looking forward to a fall Apple event for the iPhone 5.

Stocking Up
Apart from the very reliable sources each tech sites have for their reporting, AllThingsD also added some factual details that may also signal that Apple is stocking up for fall.

The report stated that the tech giant’s latest 10-Q filing showed that there is a significant rise in the prepayments of inventory components for Q3 of this year with over 12.6 percent of the brand’s total sales signaling a huge preparation for a grand product launch.

If we all remember, Q3 of 2012 was around the same time we first heard reports that Apple’s Asian counterparts were starting to manufacture iPhone 5 parts. If the rumor paths of a September release is true, would you want to sell used iPhone now? We recommend that you do unless you want your iPhone to rot in depreciation!

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  1. I'm sure Apple will released that iPhone 5 on the 4th quarter

    1. ya we are also waiting for the same....hope so..