Tips on Integrating Facebook with WordPress

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It is of little doubt that Facebook is king of the social media platform. This platform has close to a billion users and the best part is that it is open to all kind of sites to interact, engage and build communities. On the other hand, WordPress contains enormous amount of content which have been search engine optimized. This is one of the main reasons why a large amount of businesses use it to market their services and products.

It is also a well-known fact that social media sites like Facebook make it very easy to connect with customers. Therefore, integrating these two platforms can enable your blog or site to take advantage of Facebook’s massive database. It is useful to combine these technologies, as it is a very convenient way to distribute content via the social media platform.

This can be easily achieved using the “Fan Page” facility available in Facebook platform. You can easily create a fan page under a specific category, which can easily be located by your target audience.

The link to the “Fan Page’ can be found at the bottom of your Facebook profile. Creating the link takes only about a minute or two. After creating the link, go to the “Apps" menu and find a suitable Facebook iFrame app and type in the URL of your site into the iFrame app.

This will be used to embed your site on to the fan page. Technically, the job is over but if you do run into problems, then check if the formatting requirements on your iFrame window.

The good news is that you can also purchase special Facebook compatible WordPress themes, which is most likely the easier option. You will find many plugins designed specifically to help you create fan pages in the WordPress plugin repository.

There are also custom-made Facebook plugins available online and whether you take advantage of these is up to you. However, it is always wise to include a “Facebook Log-in” feature on your website. This would assist many of your visitors to log in easily using their Facebook details rather than signing up with a new account every time they visit a new site.

It is also advisable that every time you make a new WordPress blog post, you should share that post on your Facebook page as well. The plugin will display your FB activity on your WordPress blog and in all likelihood; new visitors to your blog might add you as a friend after seeing your Facebook activity, thereby enhancing the exposure of your product or service. Alternately, you can also make a new business account on Facebook that is only for your customers and by this way, you can protect your personal information as well.

It is important that you turn your Facebook visitors into potential clients or customers. Customers who sign up for your Facebook page will invariably share your page with their page and this will greatly increase the sites’ traffic.  Facebook also provides an analytics plug-in that provides a comprehensive report on the sites performance with traffic and sales information.

Apart from some simple coding, integrating these two platforms is not too difficult. By combining the power of these two platforms, one, a Content Management System and the other, a powerful Social Networking Platform and not only can it help promote your website, but it can also market your brand, product and ideas.

However, the key to success is not to be too aggressive with marketing and thereby destroying the user experience.

Guest Post : Lance Goodman
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