Facebook Mobile Now Features Timeline : Available Worldwide

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After the Timeline got launched four months back giving a better access and information at the very first glance, it has been liked by many and at the same time have been disliked as well. Mobile timeline is now available on touch devices using m.facebook.com, and Facebook for Android (version 1.8.1). The native Facebook app will get the same or not is still not cleared out.

"Mobile timeline starts with your unique cover photo," the Facebook blog describes. "As you scroll down, you'll see your posts, photos and life events as they happened, back to the day you were born. Photo albums and other posts are horizontally swipeable, so you can quickly view multiple photos or posts inline without leaving timeline. You can also swipe through the views at the top of your timeline to navigate to your map, photos, subscribers and more."

Facebook launched timeline for mobile devices on the same date when they launched it for the web. The mobile timeline is quite similar to the timeline available on the web. But Facebook Timeline for mobile devices took a longer time to appear.

The older mobile interface was just simple with buttons to share and upload and drop down menus to navigate through. Mobile timeline has got a huge cover photo, along with a profile pic, the about section has got more info what the native app lacked, a bigger like button and details about the fan base you have. The interface may change as per the device screen size.

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Via [The Facebook Blog]

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