It's All About "Airtime" [Reviewed]

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"Airtime" as it is called is an excellent way to video chat with friends and family on any platform. Using your browser, no downloads required, all you have to do is to login to Airtime using Facebook and ride in. The app interestingly uses shared interestes and goes beyond your social networks to explore, find and make new friends.

For the time being you only have the option to run Airtime on your laptops and desktop PC having a web camera installed. The app lacks support to mobile devices and PC tablets. Basis requirements involve you being 13 + and having a active Facebook account with upgraded flash player support.

A friends list on the right side lets you chat and call friends easily. Leaving video messages if the person on the other side does not respond to your call is an added advantage as per the app.

Meeting new people rising beyond social networks can easily be done using the "Talk to Someone" feature. Based on your interest and profile info, you will be paired with someone having the same criteria. Once you are paired you will see the interest and friends in common in the center of the screen.

Unless you add friends you will remain anonymous to each other that can be removed once you are friends. Its quite obvious that if you can add you can also remove friends from your list easily.

Airtime will adopt your Facebook profile and will act accordingly that means possibility of customizing your Airtime profile will not be possible at the moment.

Airtime lets you earn Badges and points based on your activity. Founder Badge - for the first million Airtime user's, Applause Badge - for a full applause meter.
Earn points on the basis of quality and interaction, No points will be awarded for a normal conversation with friends

Founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, office located in San Francisco with a team of dedicated people who believes to pair people together having common interests and shared contents. Airtime got its birth out of the thinking as and when people are brought together live what's possibly going to happen.

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