Is Siri, the Infidel Practicing Dual Allegiance?

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When the iPhone 4S grazed the smartphone prairie, it was Siri who led the pack. While Apple didn’t focus much on revamping the newest Apple iPhone’s profile, it hasn’t ventured far from its traditional realm of competence: It still made gazillions of dollars thanks to its unique battle outcry and formidable weapon, the voice-controlled software, Siri.
Okay, my last statement is free to be roiled at with sincere invalidations. I mean, Siri is not the first one of its kind. Before Apple engendered the iPhone 4S with the intelligent voice-command software, Android has been rolling out similar software with equally powerful functionalities. But if you think about it, history is not about who discovered which first (as with the fate of Christopher Columbus), it is about who proclaims the loudest. And Apple seems to inadvertently win that game.

Were you among the people who decided to sell cell phones for the iPhone 4S?

To the ignoramus out there, Siri is a pre-installed virtual assistant app exclusively operating on iPhone 4S (Though rumors say you can copy the codes of Siri and embed it on your iPhone 4. Reports say someone has already done it.). With Siri, you can do almost all kinds of task within your mobile phone and it doesn’t require you to unlock the phone and launch apps to do specific tasks. Dictate your orders to Siri and she (I use the referential personal pronoun ‘she’ because Siri is represented by a distinctly female voice and you cannot reprogram it) can schedule your appointments for you, send text messages, call somebody, or solve mind-bending mathematical equations for you.

Indeed, Siri is a worthy torch-bearer of the iPhone 4S’s full functionality!

But after ‘doing a Judas’ on its creator by naming a competitor as the ‘best smartphone ever,’ Siri may have to bear the brunt of Apple and keep its mouth shut if similar questions are asked in the future. Yes, that’s Siri and her big mouth!

Siri unmistakably answered ‘Nokia Lumia 900’ to interrogatives eliciting which smartphone is the best. Now she learned her lesson and does not even want to recognize other phones sold on the market.

If you ever ask the same question to Siri, her current reply would be, “Wait…there are other phones?” This is according to the report of British Broadcasting Co. (BBC).

Notice the sly paradox of Siri’s answer from what it had been to what it is likely to churn out next. Then, Siri was being helpful and wanted to give a slightly accurate answer to the user. Now, she is nothing but a submissive housemaid whose answers are programmed to dupe the master and subliminally forward a sales pitch. Is it now time to sell a smartphone?

It seems that Apple is too aggressive in its marketing blitz that the tech juggernaut is willing to take drastic measures- however frivolous and pointless- just to maintain its firm footing on the smartphone landscape. BBC sees this as an act of overriding the software and making the change subtle without necessary invitations of doubt from its users.

Nokia spokeswoman Tracey Postill told the Sydney Morning Herald: "Apple positions Siri as the intelligent system that's there to help, but clearly if they don't like the answer, they override the software."
Yet, despite the flak and its leering complicities, Nokia was still ‘flattered and honored’ by Siri’s unwitting parapraxis.

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