The Best Role-Playing Games for iPhone and iPad

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Level Up In Style With This Veritable Treasure Trove Of Digital Adventures. Here's is the short review of top 5 Role-Playing Games (RPGs) for iPad and iPhone.

Puzzle Quest 2 Freemium
Don't be fooled into thinking this is a simple match-three puzzle game, as this is a proper Role-Playing Game with deep gameplay mechanics and a lengthy quest to complete. While matching gems does form the basis of Puzzle Quest it's actually a wonderfully robust RPG with four distinct characters to master, an interesting story, a huge number of weapons and spells to discover and lots of monsters to fight.

Combat is done by matching jewels to power spells, or matching skulls and gauntlets to damage your opponent. You can pay for a version without ads on iphone and ipad if you want. It looks like a puzzle game at first glance, but this has all the depth of a traditional RPG.

Secret Of Mana
Secret of Mana is regarded as one of the best RPGs for ipad to ever appear on Nintendo's SNES. Realising this, Square Enix has done nigh-on everything it can to ensure that its port is as accurate as possible. The end result is a super-slick adaptation, which is only slightly let down by some niggly controls and the lack of multiplayer that the original featured.

The graphics still look ace (and scale nicely on iPad), while the charming characters and cleverly structured story hide the fact it's now nearly 20 years old. A great buy for those who like more action-oriented RPGs. The controls can be irksome, but there's no mistaking the quality gameplay and story hidden underneath.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Superbrothers is an RPG in the loosest of senses, but it remains a startlingly good game that's brimming with innovation and clever ideas. Fuelled by a truly enchanting soundtrack, Superbrothers' biggest asset is its beautifully streamlined control system that lets you move around the stunning-looking world by simply double-tapping the screen. Combat is inventive, with the player being required to tilt the iPad to a vertical position to enter battle and then alternating between blocks and strikes to defeat enemies.

It's neat little touches like this that make Superbrothers so enjoyable to play; it's just a pity it suffers from obtuse puzzles as the adventure continues. As clever as it is beautiful, Superbrothers is a highly entertaining adventure.

Pocket RPG
Pocket RPG has all the trappings of a twin-stick shooter, and a highly satisfying one to boot. It's also unmistakably a loot-drop RPG though, with plenty of items to pick up, a large number of brutish bosses and hordes of enemies to defeat. While the gameplay is undeniably basic (a nod to its arcade-based heritage), it's also a lot of fun, with the three different characters offering plenty of replay value.

 If you're looking for a deep story with involving characters Pocket RPG will definitely disappoint. If, however, you simply want some grinding, mindless fun, this becomes an essential download. Part shooter, part RPG. It's certainly simple, but Pocket RPG remains great fun.

Final Fantasy 3 For iPad
There are several Final Fantasy games for iphone and ipad, but this is arguably the best. It's a glorious port of the excellent DS game, which itself was a 3D reinterpretation of a 1990 NES game. Due to being a port of another touch-based console, Final Fantasy III has none of the control issues found on Square's 16-bit ports. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the lengthy campaign that's filled with memorable characters and fantastic plot twists.

It's amazingly pricey, but the high production values, in-depth character system and clever combat manages to justify the high price tag. Yes, it's expensive, but it's also one of the best RPGs you'll play on ipad.

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